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“Loki: Where Mischief Lies” is Perfect Book For Break

December 8, 2021

Looking for new books to read over Christmas break? Well, I’ve got you covered if you’re a Marvel fan and you’re obsessed with Loki like myself. This incredible book written by Mackenzi Lee is called “Loki: Where Mischief Lies,” a 416-page book that takes you a part of Loki’s life before the first Thor movie. The book describes Loki as a bit younger, early teens in human years, but he is a god, so he’s still pretty old.

The book starts you off on Asgard, which is the home of Loki and his brother Thor, along with his mother and father. Loki has a friend named Amora, who is an enchantress on Asgard. Loki and Amora are good friends and tend to cause mischief around the palace. There’s a party in the palace, and Loki’s father Odin uses this special mirror to see the future of Asgard and determine whether it will be good or bad. Odin sees something that shocks him, which causes everyone in the palace to whisper about what they think he saw. 

Loki uses his powers to disguise himself as his dad so he can go to his father’s chambers. He starts to eavesdrop and hears things that he wishes he didn’t hear. Amora catches him listening in, and suggests that Loki just sneak into the artifacts room, and use the mirror themselves to see what Odin saw. This goes horribly wrong and causes the mirror to shatter and release a monster from the mirror. 

Several years later, Loki and Thor get sent on a mission to travel to one of the nine realms to look for the Asgardian sorcerer’s magical artifact called the Norm stones. Loki is annoyed because Thor isn’t listening to him. This causes Loki to get sent back home where his father lectures him on his ignorance.

This book is amazing and it’s so cool to see a story from Loki’s life before the Avengers and when his relationship with Thor is a little less bitter. It was also a smart way to include the Enchantress because she is super powerful in comic books. You can purchase this book on Amazon, Barnes, and Noble and anywhere else you buy books.  

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