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Get Out: Something to Stay in For

April 20, 2021

Chris Washington, played by Daniel Kaluuya, is an African American photographer in a serious relationship with Rose Armitage, played by Allison Williams. The two lovers finally reach a steep obstacle in their relationship: meeting each other’s parents. The two made plans to have a weekend getaway to meet Rose’s parents: Missy Armitage, played by Catherine Keener, and Dean Armitage, played by Bradley Whitford. However, Chris feels a little doubtful about Rose’s parents before the trip because of the idea of an interracial relationship with them. Throughout the weekend, Chris starts to feel a little suspicious about the Armitage family through a series of disturbing scenarios. What Chris Washington comes to find out is that the truth is more horrifying than he ever could have imagined.

Jordan Peele’s twisted horror movie “Get Out” covers many people’s worst nightmare: meeting your significant other’s parents. This movie draws viewers in with the two lovers having a splendid life together, showing their love towards each other through playful banter. Little do they realize that they are in for a rollercoaster of a lifetime.

The movie covers many of the issues of diversity in the real world. It implicates that many couples have issues with interracial relationships, even in the 21st century. This film illustrates the type of racism that is not as obvious as the common type. Director Jordan Peele was a genius when subtly layering “Get Out” with symbolism and satirical mirror of the racial discrimination of the 21st century. Peele wanted the entirety of the audience to feel the anxiety of what it was like for the main character in these situations.

This film taps into the common discrimination that the world is facing now. Since this film was created in 2017, it has grown in popularity among the Black Lives Matter community. “Get Out” illustrates the many issues of the news and police brutality nationwide all throughout the movie, without having it in your face in every scene. This movie discusses what many people would feel uncomfortable bringing up today in a civil and definitive way. “Get Out” was Peele’s brilliant breakthrough as a director and one of his top movies to this day. I rate this 4 out of 5 stars.

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