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The Next Single Player Star Wars Game

September 20, 2019

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is the next Star Wars game set to hit the gaming market. Ever since Disney bought the rights to Star Wars, the rights to make the video games went to Electronic Arts (EA) and a smaller company known as Visceral that had been working on a linear single player Star Wars game. Ultimately, Visceral was shut down and disbanded by EA. When asked if they would continue Visceral’s canceled project, EA explained their disinterest towards any kind of single player game. 

So it was shocking when Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was announced to have a release date of Nov. 15.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order promises that it will not have any microtransactions or multiplayer functions, so it was surprising, to say the least, that EA would allow a game like this to be made because of their dissatisfaction with linear games and their desire to enforce that rule upon their smaller developers. One exception was Respawn Entertainment, the developers of the Titanfall series and Apex Legends, which is one of the only companies with EA that doesn’t follow their strict policies. Respawn Entertainment was given more freedom to develop the games along the lines of Apex Legends, the main competition for Fortnite when it was first released.   

Getting back to  Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, the plot is basically as follows: Cameron Monaghan, who portrayed the Joker on Gotham, plays the main protagonist of a Padawan who has survived Order 66, the Emperor’s plan to kill all the Jedi in the movie Star Wars Episode Three: Revenge Of The Sith. The plot revolves around him trying to hide his power, as he fears being hunted down by the empire. 

The biggest fear for many is gamers is that EA will find a way to ruin this game with monetization just as they did when the game Anthem was announced with no loot boxes (a game which went dramatically down hill as a result). Instead, it featured a store with overpriced items that were marketed in the original game, but could only be bought in the store with real money. So while there may be no microtransactions in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, EA could easily ruin this game with expensive and lacking DLC (downloadable content that is made after the game launches and can be sold at ridiculous prices).

While negative monetization schemes aren’t guaranteed, EA is known for being notoriously greedy and having no understanding of why people are fed up with their anti-consumer practices and business model of “money first.” Since history shows that money does come first for EA, you may want to proceed with caution when considering purchasing this game.

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