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Eight Clothing Pieces to Get You Excited for Cooler Weather

January 27, 2023

Many students love warmer weather and dread the challenge of looking fashionable in bulky winter clothes. Others find it difficult to navigate the variety of style trends out there, making it overwhelming to know what will work for them. So here are eight winter fashion trends to help you look fierce, but cozy at the same time.

Puffer Jacket
When it starts to get really cold a puffer jacket can be the key to keeping warm. According to Cosmopolitan Magazine, “Considering the constant unpredictability of the weather, you never know when you’ll need some extra fluffy outwear to bundle up in.” Recent styles are toward cropped and trendy looks that keep wearers from feeling like a giant marshmallow. To style a puffer jacket, choose a fitted bottom, like a nice pair of leggings or jeans. Paired with a low-bulk puffer, you’ll look slim and trim.

Cropped Sweater
What used to border on promiscuous is now seen as stylish. A cropped sweater is a fun addition to any wardrobe, adding a little shape to your body with the exposed waist making a slimmer look. You can style this piece to provide more coverage by combining it with a pair of high-waisted pants or skirts. Another cover-up option is to wear a lace bralette under the crop sweater, providing coverage as well as extra detailing.

Puffer Vests
A puffer vest can be worn in various ways, whether to bundle up with a sweatshirt and comfy, warm sweatpants, or pair down to a thin, long-sleeve top and jeans. Vests are not just for winter time; they are cute for fall, spring, or even summer if it is a breezy day. Buying a puffer vest in bold colors like bright red, royal blue, and emerald green provides a pop of color, especially when combined with a simple, neutral color top. Consider pairing a puffer vest with a crewneck sweatshirt and leggings with either a pair of brown Uggs, Converse, or Nike Air Force sneakers. This would make your trip to make that much-needed cup of coffee a style event.

Leather Pants
If your style is more edgy and bold, and you like interesting pieces that give you style and flair, a pair of baggy leather pants may be right for you. A recent article in Cosmopolitan Magazine asked this: “Feel like you can never decide what to wear with your cute top for girls’ night, date, or even work? Leather pants are the perfect solution.”

However, tight leather pants can be a bit much, as the leather rubs together. So instead, opt for a looser fit. Styling this piece with a cropped top will work with the rocker vibe of the leather. You can also go for a casual, cinched look by adding a pullover sweater and tucking it in on the side of the pants. Leather pants are a wardrobe addition that makes for interesting conversations when people see how they look out together.

Fleece-Lined Tights
Wanting to wear a mini skirt, but afraid your legs will freeze? Get yourself a pair of fleece-lined tights. Besides being fuzzy and warm, tights allow you to wear any short skirt you want without getting frostbite. One option is to start with layering the fleece-lined tights with a favorite pair of patterned tights, creating an illusion of pattern that still helps you stay warm. You may find they keep you so warm you will want to wear them under all of your bottoms in winter.

Snow Boots
According to Textile Sphere, “When it comes to winter boots, the snow boot is the best choice for most people because it is warm enough without being bulky or heavy.” A trendy pair of snow boots look classy even when there is no snow. A fur-lined, chunky boot is an excellent option for keeping your toes warm and achieving a cozy winter look.

Brands like Moon Boot, Isabel Marant, and Four Moncier Hyke are well-known brands for fur snow boots. Adding a pair to your closet can make many outfits have a little more flair. Snow boots look best when paired with either a mini skirt or leggings, along with a cropped wool sweater and a cropped puffer on top. When wearing snow boots, longer socks made of wool or fleece can go a long way toward keeping your toes warm.

When you hear the word “shrug,” it may sound weird as a clothing item, but if you Google “shrug” you’ll see it is a cardigan that only surrounds your arms and shoulders. Sometimes a shrug is used in summer as a coverup for bathing suits, but it can also be used as another layering piece for cooler weather. One new trend lately is to wear a shrug over a tank and baggy, low-rise pants.

According to L’officiel Magazine “As an item of two top trends this past season, subversive basics and ballet core, we have no doubt the shrug is truly making its comeback.” “Subversive basics” is clothing with cutouts usually made from mesh that is influenced by lingerie styles, while “ballet core” is a look featuring dainty pieces that resemble a ballet dancer’s wardrobe, such as flowy wrap around skirts, leg warmers, and wrap cardigans.

According to Vogue Magazine, “Another big cold front is nigh, and you are most likely already suited up with a warm parka. What about protecting one of the most important, often forgotten extremities on your pretty little head?” Keeping your head warm is extremely important when cold weather is upon you, so earmuffs have recently become a popular statement that can keep your ears warm and make any outfit adorable. They come in various colors, materials and sizes to match any outfit.

It may be a struggle to find these styles, here are some websites you may find helpful for staying on top of the latest looks:


Princess Polly

White Fox Boutique

Urban Outfitters



Forever 21


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