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TikTok and the Debate to Stay

November 18, 2021

We all know Tik Tok is one of the biggest apps in the world. It’s full of creativity and different people who are all great in their way.  Although Tik Tok is a great thing for several communities, the app can get pretty risky sometimes if you like the wrong stuff. Tik Tok has had issues with sensitive videos floating around their feed for a few months, along with potentially dangerous trends. The trends being the Milkcrate challenge, where people would stack them like stairs and climb them; the Coronavirus challenge where people would lick things to see if they would get COVID-19; and the Skull-breaker challenge where a person jumps and two people next to them on each side would kick their legs so they would fall and hit their head. People have reported these videos, and Tik Tok has taken down as many of them as possible. 

Some users have said that these videos ruin the fun of Tik Tok to the point where they thought the government should take down the whole app. This discourse got to the point that Former President Trump wanted to take down the app in America. The Tik Tok community worked hard to remove all harmful videos and up their sensitivity warning for videos on the stream. Tik Tok fought hard to stay in business and keep things positive.  People who own the app gave reasons why it was beneficial to them. 

Around the app, it was even rumored that Microsoft wanted to buy Tik Tok and reinvent it to keep it running. Microsoft later confirmed that they wanted to buy the app to improve its AI and run it in the US. As far as anyone knew, everyone wanted to buy Tik Tok just to keep it going because of how much money it makes. Everyone across America was stressed about the app disappearing. President Trump even issued that he would have the app removed in a few days, but a few days turned into a month.

After the challenging debate and arguments, Tik Tok was finally allowed to stay after making much-needed changes. America was relieved to hear that the app was staying and not going anywhere and had a few changes to ensure everyone’s safety. Now Tik Tok is as safe as it can be with TikTok making frequent updates. Sensitive content now has a warning asking you if you would like to watch the video to avoid viewers from getting triggered or upset. 

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