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Fashion Trends: Introducing the Old As New Again

April 30, 2021

Fashion-lovers everywhere are always looking for the newest and exciting trend. Whether the most recent trend be low-rise jeans or the Air Force One generation, most people grab onto a trend while it’s fresh. At times, however, trends or fashion choices evolve out of older or “vintage” looks. Here are just a few fashion throwbacks which are popular again.

Originating from the 1980s is a trend that shocks many adults as a blast from the past:because they never thought it would be popular again: the scrunchie. This fancy hair-tie was patented by Rommy Revson, a pianist and nightclub singer, who wanted a softer alternative to the metal hair-ties that were popular throughout the 1980’s. She named the scrunchie after her toy dog, Scrunci. So small of a product, yet it had such a large comeback.

In the 80’s, the scrunchie held up many different and unique hairstyles from the side-ponytail to the messy-bun. Now, the scrunchie is being used by younger generations. Some couples even give and receive scrunchies, to show that they are dating. Great places to get scrunchies canmay be Old Navy where you can purchase them in a three-pack for $8.00 and an eight-pack for just $3.42 at Walmart.

Mom Jeans
In the late 1980s, Mom jeans, or high-waisted jeans, were a common style. The ironic part of these jeans is that they were frowned upon by the youth of the time. These jeans were mainly worn by middle-aged women, but now the jeans are worn and loved by teens and young adults thanks to their comfort factor. The very first jeans to be specifically designed for women, high-waisted jeans were created by Levi’s in the 1930s, but weren’t really popular until the 1980s when the styles became looser and less form-fitting.

Today’s wearers should consider wearing Mom jeans alongside a fashionable pair of Jordans. When shopping for these jeans, it is easiest to purchase them in-store so that you can try them on and get the best possible fit. You can purchase your pair of Mom Jeans at Gap for around $30 or at American Eagle for $38.

Cargo Pants
These multi-pocketed pants were born during World War II when they became part of the military’s Battle Dress Uniform (or BDU). The many pockets allowed soldiers to carry ammunition and radios, although the multiple pocket pants were only available to paratroopers. The very first pair of cargo pants only had a pocket on the side thigh and one on the front of the hip.

In the 1990s, these pants had an increase in popularity, but saw a decrease in sales in the early 2000s. Now back in fashion (possibly due to the trend toward comfort while working at home during lockdown) baggy cargo pants. Cargo pants can be found in a variety of colors: black, light grey, dark grey, khaki brown, dark brown, and many more solid colors and patterns. Places to purchase these multi-pocketed pants are Old Navy for around $45 or at Wrangler for $25.

Puffer Jackets
In the 1930s, Eddie Bauer, an American Outdoorsmen from Seattle, Washington, almost died from hypothermia because his wool coat froze during a fishing trip. Following that horrific experience, he created a waist-length quilted puffer coat with a knitted collar. Many different jackets branched from that one design. Balenciaga, Milan, and Armani have been clothing designers that created even more fashionable puffer jacket designs that spiral from that simple design, with each becoming more intricate. The puffer jacket has made a remarkable comeback, especially during the harsh winter months.

Puffer jackets were most popular with older adults, but recently, the puffer jacket has become more popular among teenagers. Some teenagers wear the common black puffer jacket, which matches with any outfit, while others wear the uncommon colors, like beige, light grey or dark grey. These jackets come in different styles as well. The collar can come in a folded style, or it can zip up entirely to the top of the neck, giving a turtle-neck feel. You can purchase the puffer jackets at Belk for $15 or at Kohl’s for $40.

Converse has been around for years. Marquis Mills Converse opened a store located in Malden, Massachusetts in 1908 creating the foreground of the converse shoe. Originally named “Non-Skids,” these shoes were designed for basketball players. The classical “Chucks,” as they became known, were worn by some of the greatest basketball players like Julius Erving, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird. Low-top “Chuck Taylors” made a comeback in the early 2000s, but there was a major growth in profit 2018-2019, with some teens running to their nearest shoe store and buying the newest fashion trend.

Chunky Sneakers
The 80s brought about a whole new age of sneakers. From Levi’s to white tennis shoes, people were buying chunky (or platform) sneakers everywhere. These “Dad sneakers” have made a crazy and unexpected comeback with Fila making them thicker and Yeezy elevating their shoe game. Thin Vans may be slowly being taken over by thick sneakers. These shoes are treading their way into the homes of teenagers all over the country. With the contribution of many shoe companies, these unique styles of shoes are taking over the shoe game.

Some students do not like the thick-soled shoes, due to the fact that they are simply too bulky, while others enjoy the lifted sole, giving them a couple extra inches. DSW offers these shoes at a low price of $40 and Foot Locker offers these shoes at a discounted price of $60.

These are just a few of the many fashion comebacks that have been introduced in recent years. With some coupons or persistent online shopping, you are bound to find the best deal for what you may be looking to buy. If you would like to keep up with the latest fashion trends, a quick google search or browsing through social media may provide some insight on what may be currently trending.

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