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How to Deal with Parking Thieves

March 18, 2021

Flucos: Crimes are being committed. The senior parking spots are being stolen by underclassmen parents. The senior parking lot used to be a sacred place and a privilege to the seniors who have come so far, but this parking theft appears to be committed almost daily in the student parking lot.

Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration. Some seniors are livid because they feel that their parking spots are being robbed by underclassmen parents waiting to drop off their kids in the morning. So what to do? Here are some options to consider.

Arrive Earlier
Coming earlier will increase your chances of getting your parking space, and decrease your chances of your space being snatched. Also, you can get to your class in enough time by not having to walk from the back of the parking lot. This is an effective and efficient way to save a couple steps and get the parking spot you dreamed of. The only downside to this is having to wake up 15 or more minutes earlier.

Park by a Curb
Most people are tired of parking in a parking spot and being annoyed at the fact that they can’t open their car door because of the tight space. Parking by a curb allows you to be able to effectively get out of your car without having to worry about hitting someone’s car with your car door. If you park close enough to a curb on the right, you allow enough space for your passenger to get out of the car as well. As an added bonus, one side of your car will be protected from other people who might get a little carried away swinging their doors open.

Take it to the Office
You can take up your complaint with the front office. Sometimes, issues are out of your hands, so if you email Receptionist Ethel Opie ([email protected]) in the front office, or Principal Margo Bruce ([email protected]) you can take up your parking priorities with them. They should be able to handle everything you need when it comes to parking. Many parents won’t stop parking where they shouldn’t unless someone tells them they are doing something wrong. Referring the problem to an administrator also reduces the likelihood of getting berated by angry parents.

Some students feel that this parking thievery issue has gotten out of control, so if you utilize these tips, you will be able to get that parent out of your sacred parking spot. Only you can take the first step towards changing the outcome of where your car is parked. Claim your place.

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