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Movies Are Better Than Books?

September 12, 2019


Courtesy of Maddy Eubank

Alison Sawyer posing with ‘The Giver’, both movie and book.

The students of Fluvanna County High School prefer movies over books, but why is that? Is it more convenient,  or are movies and TV more interesting than a book? Not only that, but are movies about books better, such as Harry Potter, A Dog’s Purpose, and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children?

“I like TV shows and books, but it does depend on the book,” said sophomore Jordan Drumheller. She also stated that when movies are based off books she often likes the books better because movies are often exaggerated to make a more interesting plot and information is cut out to make the movie a normal length. 

“I like TV more than books, because I can do homework, clean, draw, or play video games while I listen to TV or movies,” said sophomore Emily Shanklin. Shanklin also said that she would rather go see a movie based off a book rather than read the book first because it’s simply easier to go see the movie than sit there and read a book that will take longer than two hours to finish.  

Sophomore Noah Young said that he is way more enthusiastic about movies because he multitasks while listening to TV and movies. He said that he also does enjoy reading but the plot of the story has to be to his liking. 

“I like movies and TV because I don’t like reading at all,” said sophomore Siariah Barnes. Barnes also said that she has tried to read a book before she has seen a movie. Despite her efforts she couldn’t finish the book she simply was just uninterested. 

Movies are definitely the top pick for most Fluvanna County High School students, but books are definitely not unpopular. Movies and TV shows are just more convenient for high school students.   

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