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Halo TV is on its Way

May 13, 2019

Halo has redeemed itself and interest in the series has hit a new high. With constant good news reviving the game, a rumored TV show announced six years ago has resurfaced and is now being picked up by Showtime, the network behind Dexter and Ash Vs. Evil Dead.

Steven Spielberg was announced as the director, and with a major network like Showtime behind the project, the Halo show could be a massive new direction for the series and could widen its exposure to a new audience. Not much is known about the characters or cast aside from Pablo Schreiber (George Mendez On Orange Is The New Black) playing the Master Chief. This brings up the question of whether Master Chief’s face will be revealed in the show, since he’s never actually revealed his face in the 18 years the Halo games have been around.

One issue with the TV show is how it will conflict with the canon of Halo. Since the new game, Halo Infinite, will most likely be released at the same time as the show, it makes me question how the two medias will affect each other and the overall canonical story of the franchise.    

One potential problem with the show is that it has been slated for only nine episodes announced and been green lit for a single season thus far. Such a short run means it may risk having a significantly underdeveloped plot and characters.

There are several animated movies and a small mini series called Halo Legends, but most of the live-action attempts at Halo have failed and been forgotten or disregarded. The most memorable of these movies is Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn, thanks to its inclusion of the Master Chief character, yet that flick is still largely  unknown among most of the Halo gaming community.     

So it’s an amazing time to be a Halo fan, as the once Xbox-exclusive title reaches several new audiences with the announcement of the new TV show, the Master Chief Collection coming to PC,  the newly-released Halo Infinite, and the rumor that the game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. Clearly, this once-forgotten video game has risen back to the top of the gaming world.  

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