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7 Songs You Should Consider Adding to Your Playlist

November 1, 2018

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Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud are packed with songs that sometimes go unheard, even some catchy Drake songs. Many people have heard “Fefe” by 6ix9ine, or “I Love it” by Kanye West and Lil Pump–no matter how notorious it is for its lyrics–and other songs that find a way to make us hit the replay button on our phones. However, artists like Tinashe, Sabrina Claudio, and a few others have favorable beats that you might have missed.

Here are seven songs you may want to check out and consider adding to your favorite music playlist.

  1. “Faded Love” by Tinashe

If you enjoy R&B, Tinashe’s music could fit perfectly in your playlist. Matter of fact, she might have had a place on your playlist back in 2014 with her song “2 On,” which currently has 155 million views on YouTube. With a personality that is laid back and chill, Tinashe [said she] still gets surprised when she hears her own songs on the radio. While she works incredibly hard on her albums, including “Joyride,” it is the song “Faded Love” that would find its way to the top of my list. Her voice and the background music fuse together so well and create a song that doesn’t seem to get enough recognition. The beats behind her beautiful voice fit right into the R&B type tune, but still manage to stick out from other songs. Play it through your headphones and, like me, you will probably catch yourself dancing like a lunatic.

       2. “Don’t Let Me Down” by Sabrina Claudio

Okay, R&B might just be my weakness, but Sabrina Claudio’s voice is something else. Her voice is high, yet soft at the same time. Claudio posts videos on her Instagram account depicting her singing without a fancy microphone or autotune, and still finds a way to sound like an angel. Yeah, I don’t know how that’s possible either. Her personality mimics that of Rihanna, chill but still funny, and with amazing vocals. Her song “Don’t Let Me Down” with Khalid, proves that. Khalid and Claudio’s voices have a similar tone, but still work differently in the song. With a beautiful beat behind the song, the two express how their partner shouldn’t, well, let them down since they know so much about each other. This song somehow ends up in every one of my playlists and will probably continue to do that.

       3. “2” by H.E.R.

Wow, another R&B. I have to say, I can’t get enough of H.E.R.’s songs which include “Changes,” “Best Part,” with Daniel Caesar, and about 100 more. Twenty-year-old H.E.R., who’s real name is Gabriella Wilson, used to hide just about everything about herself– hence her stage name H.E.R., which stands for “Having Everything Revealed.” Sometimes, her albums only reveal the silhouette of a girl. I love Wilson’s character, as her reason to keep her identity hidden was that people would focus more on her music than her appearance. Her song “2” speaks of how her boyfriend was cheating on her while she was playing him too. It’s a very laid back beat which speaks to her personality. I absolutely love this song and listen to it when I need to calm down. This song is on replay for me at least once a day.

        4. “Focus” by H.E.R.

Yes, looks like H.E.R. gets a second place on my list. What can I say? I love Gabriella’s voice. Like most of her songs, this song has a slow beat and somehow makes me feel like I’m floating. Too dramatic? Well, this songs speaks of how her boyfriend doesn’t give her attention, but she doesn’t want to break up. Along with the incredible lyrics, the background piano is the cherry on top of this song. I will never get enough of this song, but others should really focus on it more. Yes, pun intended.

      5. “Jaded” by Drake

I’m stepping away from R&B for this one and going to hip-hop. Many of us have already heard “God’s Plan,” or “Nice for What,” but “Jaded” is a complete 180 degrees for Drake. He may be the most laid back singer I’ve ever heard, but most of his songs are famous for great lyrics like, I only love my bed and Mama, I’m sorry. Just like my bed, I always have and always will love Drake. His voice sounds so effortless, and this song is a perfect example of just that. I know I said we’d leave R&B for a little, but this song sounds similar to those of H.E.R.–a slow beat, but still a little energetic. I have only found this song recently, but it’s already on my loop.

   6.  “Left to Right” by Marteen

Pop songs are rare to find in my playlist, but a beat like this was impossible to ignore. A subtle guitar playing in the background and Marteen’s voice is the perfect recipe for a great song. Marteen, a seventeen-year- old with a bubbly personality, is starting to rise up in the ranks. He loves being different and doesn’t want to blend in, along with his music; he wants it to be unique. His song “Left to Right” is simply that; it’s simple, but still different to many pop songs as his beat sounds retro-ish. He sings about being at the club, and meeting a girl and they dance left to right. I remember sitting in my room and pressing replay over and over. Yeah, it’s that good.

   7.  “Better” by Khalid

Don’t even get me started on Khalid’s voice. Not only are his songs absolutely amazing, but his voice is something I could listen to everyday. Khalid is a very down to earth person who deserves so much more recognition. Yeah, we’ve heard “Eastside” or “Location,” but he has many others that get hidden under a rug, like “Better.” I can not get enough of the beat, but apart from that, he tells of how there is nothing better than being with her. His whole album does not disappoint but “Better” just sticks out. If you enjoy a good beat and great vocals, I suggest you go ahead and add this to your favorite playlist.


We’ve jumped from R&B, to Pop, to Hip-Hop and then to a little more R&B. There are so many great songs and artists out there that go unheard or dismissed. Many of us have heard the typical songs that talk about girls and their bodies, but someday that’ll get old. Press pause on songs like that and press play to these.

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