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How to Survive a Move to a New School

March 14, 2018

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Imagine this: You’ve been at a school all your life, or even just long enough to feel really comfortable there. Everything is going well, when you get the news you have to move to a completely new school. You won’t know anyone, or where anything is.

Whether you’ve experienced such a move or not, few students actively look forward to starting all over again in a new school. Even though this event is often viewed negatively, changing schools does not have to be a horrible experience, as I can tell you from personal experience after moving this school year. If you stay calm and follow these six tips,you can make the best of a move to a new school.


Tip #1: Don’t be afraid to ask where things are.

Most people are embarrassed to ask where things are, but if you’re new to a school, don’t be. Trust me, nobody is going to bite your head off for asking such a simple question. In most cases, the person you ask will be happy to help you out. In big schools, it’s easy to get lost. I got lost multiple times when I first moved to FCHS, so I highly recommend asking where things are. It will save you the trouble of walking aimlessly through the halls and missing part of your class.


Tip #2: Make friends with the people you sit beside.

The people you sit beside — whether in class or on the bus — will be easy friends to make. Whether you like them or not, you’re most likely stuck beside them for a semester, or even a year. You can start by asking their name, complimenting them, or asking for school advice. You might even have more classes with them. I became friends with the people I sat beside when I first started at FCHS, and it made class easier and less scary.


Tip #3: Don’t be afraid to ask to sit with someone.

This tip applies to a broad number of places. If you ride the bus, don’t be afraid to ask to sit with someone. Same for in a class or at lunch. Most people will be happy to let you sit with them. The people you sit with may even become some of your life-long friends. Nobody wants to turn down the chance to make a new friend. The first friend I made at FCHS was the girl I sat with on the bus.


Tip #4: Make friends every chance you get.

The more friends the merrier, right? It can be a little scary for some people when making friends, but once you make one or two new friends, you should feel pretty confident when making more friends. Plus, the more friends you make, the easier your move will be. My move definitely became less scary when I started making a lot of friends.


Tip #5: Play a sport or join a club.

Playing a sport is a great way to meet people. Teammates tend to develop a close bond, so you will have plenty of people you can confide in, and who can help show you around the school and your new town.

If you aren’t the sporty type, join a club. Clubs will most likely provide the same benefits of playing a sport. I made a lot of close friends through playing a sport.


Tip #6: Just be a good student.

This tip applies to any student, really. Keep up with assignments, do your homework, and don’t talk back to your teacher. You don’t want to add the extra stress of late assignments, or poor grades, to the stress of moving.

Whether you’re going off to college, or just moving to a new school in general, these tips should help you make the best of a new school. Just remember to stay calm, be confident, and be the best you can be.

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