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Heart of Freezing Fire

January 18, 2023

Heart of freezing fire
it is dark and desolate,
a harsh, lonely life,
until she comes.
she is kind and bright,
lighting the world in her delicate glow.
but he keeps his head low,
turning from her startling light.

he feels her radiance against his skin
each night, when she calls for him.
her warmth does not cower from him.
she stays, warm and light,
but he chases her away.
when her light hits his skin,
he reflects it, sending it elsewhere.
like the moon unto the world.

father, she calls to him
when no one is around,
sobs rattling her frame.
daughter, he will call out to her
from within the chambers of his
rotten, beaten human heart.

afraid of his fire,
the one that burns as cold
as icy rivers in winter,
he turns from her,
silencing the calls of his
loudly beating beaten heart
fearful that her kind fingers
will get caught in his
heart of freezing fire.

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