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You Messed Up

November 29, 2022

I threw punches onto the hard, brick wall of the school as a river of tears left my eyes. I messed up, and now I’ve lost her forever. She broke up with me all because I’m an idiot. I just cheated on my girlfriend, and now I’ll never get her back. She’ll never give me a second chance. I don’t blame her, but I truly didn’t mean to hurt her, I think to myself as I get onto the bus and throw my hoodie over my head. I’ll never see those tiny, brown, chocolate chip eyes again, and I’ll never see that sparkling smile either. “Please, babe, give me another chance. I won’t do it again, I promise,” I sobbed into my phone as I ran off the bus towards my house. “Please, I won’t ever hurt you again. I love you!” I cried as I desperately begged her for forgiveness.

“You’re a cheater. You don’t deserve me! You don’t love me; you didn’t love me when you were shoving your tongue down her throat. You messed up!” her trembling voice echoed in my ear. Then she hung up with a sob, and that was the last time I heard her speak. That night I didn’t sleep. I tossed and turned all night long as the guilt consumed me. She’s right, I don’t deserve her. All those names she called me replayed in my head, and I was absolutely dreading going to school tomorrow. I checked my phone to see what time it was because I couldn’t sleep. It was 4:30 AM, so I made another effort to fall asleep. It didn’t work, so I was forced to stare into the darkness of my room and think. She was all that was on my mind. I squeezed my pillow as I felt hot, angry tears trying to escape my eyes. “C’mon,” I whispered to myself as I silently sobbed into my drenched pillow. I woke up to the irritating sound of my alarm. I dragged my exhausted body off the bed and into the kitchen. I opened the pantry to find something to eat and then I found myself tearing up. “What the hell?” I scolded my confused self. Then I realized why I was crying. I saw Twix chocolate in the pantry, and that’s her favorite. I bawled as I got ready for school and then hopped onto the bus.

All my friends asked me about her. “Hey, man! What happened to you and your girl?” one of my friends eagerly asked, excited for the drama.

“We’re over! She’s just extra, man. I can’t talk to any girls. Whatever, I can do better anyways,” I commented smugly. All my friends cheered and snickered. She really did overreact. As we got off the mustard, yellow bus, everyone approached me. Of course it was about me and her. It was kinda funny, the school was split into two sections. A group talking to me, and a group talking to her. It was all fun and games until one of her friends came up to me with a nasty attitude.

“Really? She’s being extra?! You’re a disgusting pig and you know it! Once a cheater, always a cheater!” her friend screamed at me as other girls gave me dirty looks. I rolled my eyes and confidently walked to my first block not wanting to hear anything about my ex. It was now the end of the day, and today was absolutely horrible. Everybody was talking crap about me, behind my back and to my face. Plus, the girl I cheated with sent screenshots of our texts to my entire third block! As soon as I got home, I dropped the tough guy act and cried like a little baby. How am I supposed to live like this? I collapsed onto my bed as tears poured down my face. “You messed up!” her voice boomed in my throbbing head. “You messed up,” I said to myself barely above a whisper, the sound of her voice ringing in my ears as I struggled to sleep and forget.

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