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My Church

February 18, 2022


Photo Courtesy of Elizabeth Pellicane

The church near Simeon Market on Route 53, Albemarle County.

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As I sit here in this old wooden pew I find myself remembering all the special memories that God gave me in this church.

A little girl full of love and joy found a shelter of safety and abounding love as she walked through the front doors hand in hand with her grandparents.

A young girl chatting with her church friends as they wait for service to begin.

A young teen finding solace and answers that helped heal her broken heart.

And now, a young woman finding a lasting love with her church family that she will never soon forget. So many special moments occurred in such a small place.

So many people reserving such a big space in my heart.

These four walls with stained glass windows seem much more beautiful to me than the Eiffel tower ever could be.

I thank my God as I let each memory pass through my head.

And I pray he will let me make many many more.

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