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Midnight Waltz

October 4, 2021

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He spun me ’round the ballroom

The piano played a waltz

He stepped lightly, like a ghost

Made by the music

Candles lit our way around

The room flickered beautifully

I dared not open my eyes

For then he’d be gone

Swiftly we spun, gathering wind

As we whirled about the floor.

Our attire bloomed, 

Like petals from a flower

Showering everything in shadows

The candles went out, but we paid no mind

For we were joyous, 

And our eyes,

They only held each other

We danced there and back again ‘till dawn broke

And then, only then, we stopped.

We both knew that it was time to go

And we would see each other soon.

As a promise, he’d return

He gathered me in his arms

He never wanted to leave

But he knew he’d be back soon

Ever so slowly he dissolved

Like scales on a falling butterfly

He soon was nothing but a pile of ashes

That I held in my arms

I was not worried, not one bit

Because I knew the span of time,

Would never be long enough 

To keep him from my arms

And when he returns to me

Our waltz shall commence

We will continue for eternity

Because he is my safety.

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