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Pants for Phemales

May 17, 2021

Take a moment and close your eyes. Now, imagine a world where pants were never invented. Weird right? Pants are one of the many things that we take for granted on a daily basis. The many different kinds of styles and brands helped shape the pants industry that we know and love today. However, pants designed for women don’t have that long of an extended history as it does for men. When exactly did pants become relevant for women?

The first pair of trousers were uncovered in Turpan, Xinjiang, at a cemetery. These pants dated back to the 10th and 13th B.C. According to, these tactful trousers were made of wool; having straight legs and wide crotches that are said to possibly have been used for horseback. There is no distinct evidence that men and women both may have worn them, although the possibility is still in the air.

During the late 1800s and early 1900s, women were fighting for their rights to vote. Not only that, but they also worked diligently for a broad-based economic opportunity and for social reforms. Women of that era argued that the gender roles were politically incorrect. Powerful activists like Lucy Stone, Susan B. Anthony, Matilda Gage, Abby Foster, Sojourner Truth, and many more joined the movement, giving it a push in the right direction of change.

Born September 20th, 1822, Elizabeth Smith Miller, a follower and financial supporter of the movement in the 1800s is given the credit of being the first woman to wear pants. Elizabeth Miller began to wear Turkish pantaloons under a knee-length skirt. One of the nicknames she was given throughout that time period was the name: “The Dress Reformer.” During that time period, women wore tight corsets, like steel and whalebone styles, that hugged their bodies. These corsets could also reach extreme weights, sometimes reaching up to twelve pounds.

The history of pants for women is a short one but led to a massive change. Now, there are many different types and brands of pants, like skinny jeans from Old Navy, sweatpants from Dick’s Sporting Goods, leggings from Aeropostale, and many more. Ronnie Lott, a professional football player who played college football at the University of Southern California, said, “I mean, it’s not important what kind of pants you wear; it’s how you wear them.”

The development of pants for women was the start of a new beginning. According to, “Women were embracing the idea of “rational dress,” wanting to wear pants in public. Some wanted it for purely practical reasons, such as comfort and ease of movement.” By creating pants for women, it created a sort of independence for them; bringing about their own form of individuality and creativity.

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