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December 14, 2018

Don't Forget to Leave a Like

I wish I could explain

The inner workings of my brain

Because maybe then

I would not feel so alone



When I am in a good mood

I am almost outside myself

But when I am down

I can feel the walls of my body decaying

Feeling in extremes


Expectations can kill you

People will expect you to be perfect

And society wants you to fit into a mold

Why should I be punished for choosing my own path?

Do not let them label your unknown

As a failure



Reflect upon yourself

Do you remember

That night you stayed up till dawn

Turning your emotions into rivers?

Do you remember

When you were in grade school

And you wore a sweatshirt everyday

So nobody could judge your body?

Do you remember

Overthinking your brain into a panic

Where you felt like your lungs had failed you?

You have only rained on the flower that is you

You are a beautiful creation of the earth

It is time you give yourself sunlight

To grow into all you have potential to be



I had once thought

My happiness was




If I could only get away

from these people

Or this time of year

Then I would be happy

I regret letting anything but myself

Determine how I felt on the inside

You get one life

One body

One mind

You are the only person in control

Grab the wheel


On the rough days

Go outside

Listen to the world

It makes your problems

Seem miniscule


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Photo of Madison Nazar
Madison Nazar, FCHS Journalist

Madison is a Junior and this is her first year in Journalism. She plays soccer and is involved in five clubs at FCHS. She is the class of 2019 secretary.

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