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Brogan Runs, and Runs a Lab Too

November 19, 2021

How do chemistry and physics connect to running? If you don’t know, you can ask teacher and coach Rose Brogan. “I do think a lot about my foot placement when running, not that I change it, but I know from physics that if I placed my foot properly, I would use less energy,” said Brogan. Brogan teaches Chemistry and Physics at Fluvanna County High School. 

Brogan grew up in McLean, Virginia, and moved to Fluvanna in her sophomore year. She graduated from FCHS in 1983.  “I majored in Forest Products at Virginia Tech, which had a lot of chemistry. After graduation, I went back to Tennessee Tech and got my certification in Chemistry and Physics,” she said. 

Has the high school changed over the years? “I do think Fluvanna has changed since I graduated. When I was at Fluvanna, it seemed like everyone knew everyone, and it was a lot smaller,” Brogan said. 

In the past, Brogan coached cross country, indoor track, and outdoor track at FCHS. This year though, she is only coaching boys and girls cross country. “I used to coach indoor and outdoor track but will only volunteer starting this year so that I can spend more time with my grandchildren,” she added. 

What is it like to be a grandmother? She responded. “It is great. It is fun running around with my grandchildren and getting the best hugs ever. I have four grandchildren. Three years old, two and a half years, a one year, and a four-month-old,” she said. 

She has three children of her own. “One is 32-years-old and is an Osprey Pilot in the Marines. One is 30-years-old, who got out of the Marines in June. Finally, I have a 21-year-old who is at the Naval Academy,” Brogan explained.  

When she’s not teaching, Brogan likes “to run, boat, swim, and go on trips,” said Brogan. One of her most memorable trips was sailing a small boat to Hawaii. “We were on the water for 19 days. I was sick and sitting outside for the first 11 days, and then I got my ‘sea legs.’ We never got bored, and we had to use the ocean water to wash our hair,” she said

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