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Get to Know the Fellowship of Christian Athletes

February 26, 2018


Photo courtesy of Abigail Searcy

The dreary weather did not stand in the way of last year’s Meet At The Pole.

Walk inside school walls, and you may be surprised by the widespread negative atmosphere. Bullying, gossip and drama appear to be everywhere, all of which can leave students feeling sad, hopeless and out of place.

But one club is attempting to bring an end to the division and hatred that is seen all too often, and that club is known as FCA. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is a religious club that offers a time of worship and Bible study for students, encouraging them to bring positivity and kindness to the halls of FCHS.

During Fluco Focus, FCA students gather in the classroom of Biology teacher Terrie Wood (Room 3508). “As a believer in Christ, I am here to serve Him and to live to enlarge His kingdom.  What a great way to serve Him in a public high school,” said Wood.

Once everyone is seated and quiet, student leaders open in prayer, taking requests from students in need. Then, the lesson begins. Generally, the pastor of Antioch Baptist Church, Dave Vogt is present, as well as members of Calvary Chapel. Students follow along, diving into \The Bible. Occasionally, there are testimonies, live music, or even food from Chick-fil-A. This time gives students a motivational boost and a clean mindset to make it through the rest of their day.

Aside from the biweekly meetings, FCA’s events are a part of what makes this club unique.  

From Fields of Faith, Courts of Courage and Meet Me At The Pole, there is no shortage of events in this club.  Fields of Faith is generally a favorite, occuring once a year immediately following a football game. Taking place on FCHS’s football field, students, staff, and locals come together to listen to testimonies, sing and pray. Many students feel that this event is uplifting and inspiring. Junior Josh Elliott, a leader of FCA states, “we want to spread the gospel to as many people as we can, so we are hoping to double or triple the numbers from last year’s Fields of Faith.” Courts of Courage is a similar event which takes place on the Munro Rateau Court once a year.

Meet at the Pole is an event that tends to have a smaller amount of attendees due to the fact that it occurs before school on one morning in the spring. Students gather at the flagpole in front of the main entrance to the school,  hand in hand. Silence lingers until someone prays aloud or begins a worship song. This intimate time allows students to prepare for the day, support classmates, and muster up the courage to profess their faith out loud. “These events are so important because they give us a greater opportunity to introduce and expose people to the Word,” said leader Caroline Haislip.

At the beginning of this school year, Senior Madison Stoltz took the reins and led the club. “The best part about FCA is that it is a judging-free zone. Every single person is a sinner and has made mistakes, but FCA is meant to let people know that they are welcome. It is an amazing experience,” said Stoltz. Due to her early graduation following the first semester, the club had to find a new leader.

This responsibility is now shared by Elliott and Haislip. Both agree that the transition has gone smoothly and that now the club is stronger than ever. “Since we are taking this on together, is it easier. We plan, discuss, and lead things together instead of doing it alone,” said Haislip. Elliott, who recently gave his own testimony for the first time at an FCA meeting, added, “it is going great, it’s so enjoyable to see people smile at school because they have Jesus in their days. I’m not perfect, but I am going to lead the best that I can and be the best example possible.” The most important thing both leaders want students to know is that everyone is welcome.

“This is probably the most important idea behind a club. We offer a safe place for people to ask about, study, and learn about the Word. We want to draw in people who may not be believers or go to church and give them the opportunity to be introduced,” said Haislip. “You don’t have to go to church or meet any requirements — simply come as you are.”

For any students considering becoming a part of FCA, the time is now. Meetings take place Wednesdays on club weeks in Room 3508 . They will also be holding Youth Night on March 2 from 6:30-10:00 p.m at Calvary Chapel, which is right down the street from FCHS. The event, which will feature music, pizza, and games, is open to students 14+.

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