Senior Spotlight: Boys’ Basketball

February 6, 2018

When the beginning of a new season strikes a team, the rebuilding process and addition of new players occurs. As a result, there are also seniors facing their last moments on the court that has claimed so much of their time. The blood, sweat, tears, home games, bus rides, pre-game dinners, and team huddles will eventually come to an end. Although this may be a bittersweet moment, many Fluco Basketball seniors feel like they have made their mark. Here are the stories of just a few such players.

AJ Gregory #22

Gregory has played on The Munro Rateau court for a total of five years. Upon graduation, he plans to continue his basketball career at the college level at either Hampton Sydney, Bluefield, Randolph College or Longwood. His dedication to the game has paid off, picking up two offers already to play in college.

His accomplishments don’t stop there.“We won more games this year than last and I got a lot of recognition from Scrimmage Play,” he said recently.

Before a game, AJ’s go-to song is “God’s Plan” by Drake. He brings many strengths to the court, including ball-handling, rebounding and scoring, and says his favorite opponent is Louisa. The motivational words of his coaches fuel his appetite for success. “The best advice I’ve gotten from our coaches is to remain humble and kill everyone we play.”

Something you may not know about AJ is that he enjoys drawing and playing 2K.

Michigan Reed #23

Reed is a newcomer to the program with this being his first and last season. He will be attending Piedmont Virginia Community College (PVCC)  for two years to study computer science before transferring to James Madison University for a Bachelor’s Degree in Cybersecurity.

“I’ll definitely miss the people the most. The sport is fun, but I like being able to meet new people and the guys. My teammates are great. They are funny and unique,” said Reed.

Even though he is new to the program, Reed’s season didn’t come without its achievements. “I got some blocks and scored points this year. My strengths are my ability to dribble, [and] I drive in more than shoot. I’m still a work in progress, but my defensive positioning and post game has improved, thanks to my coaches,” he said.

“The best advice I’ve gotten from our coaches is to ‘flush it over’ after a loss. You can’t go back and do it again, so we should get over it and come back stronger. It makes me feel like we can do better, which I know we can. We just have to do better on the next one,” said Reed.

Reed said he has been influenced by Steph Curry, Kyrie Irving, Russell Westbrook. His favorite opponent is Ceejay Williams from Louisa, who has been his best friend since middle school.

Caden Koslowski #30

Koslowski has been a part of Fluco basketball for a total of four years. Upon graduation, he hopes to study Computer Science at Virginia Commonwealth University.

“I’ll miss being on the floor and playing in front of a crowd. I’ll also miss feeding #34,” said Koslowski. His go-to song on game days is “Twist” by Korn.

Throughout the past four years, Koslowski has brought strong defensive and fundamental skills to the team. His achievements are the direct result of commitment, diligence, and a determined attitude. “Last year, I went from not playing a whole game to starting this year,” he said.  

Koslowski’s favorite opponent is Turner Ashby, a team which recently lost to the Flucos. His main influences are Joakim Noah, Will Toledo and Coach Heath Bralley.  He said the best advice he’s gotten from coaches this season is to “have fun at what you’re doing.”

Da’shon Carter #1

Carter has played for two years now at FCHS. After graduating, he plans to play baseball at Lynchburg College. “I’ll miss the brotherhood the most [and] coming to practice every day knowing I get to be around the people I want to be around. We argue and fight like brothers, but the next day it’s like it never happened. I’ll also miss being around a coaching staff that doesn’t only want you to be successful in basketball, but in life as well,” said Carter.

He said the best advice he has received from coaches is “don’t let a mistake affect your play for the rest of the game or future games.”

Carter’s gameday song is “Outside Today” by NBA YoungBoy. He said the biggest strength he brings to the team is speed shooting, a skill that has proved to greatly benefit the team. His favorite opponent is Louisa and his biggest influence is his mom.

“I’ve become more mature, more of a leader this year than last. The biggest accomplishment for me was winning the Christmas Bash,” said Carter. When we won the tournament that was a first for a lot of us, it was a good feeling,” he said.

These four seniors have set the bar for upcoming players. They have made a mark on the program as a whole, but also on the coaches that have watched them grow. “I think what I’ll miss the most is the fact that they are awesome young men to be around. They are not just good basketball players, but they are also good people. I have been blessed to be their coach,” said Head Coach Jason Davis.

“You always miss the seniors that are leaving because they have been a part of the coach’s life for so many years. They always bring different personalities that contribute to the lives of the coaches, [and] you always miss the person more than the player,” said Assistant Coach Heath Bralley. The seniors have proven to be great role models, too.

“Seniors show the younger players what is expected of them. They show them how to accept coaching, deal with ups and downs of the season and have responsibility as part of the team,” said Bralley.


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