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Parking Pass Problems

November 14, 2022

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Depending on who you talk to these days, parking passes have become a controversial topic amongst the junior and senior classes at FCHS this year.

Students have begun questioning the prices of parking spots due to the recent increases in parking passes from $20 to $25. The dramatic increase in gas has also made some students question whether they should have to pay for school parking. While it may be fair for students to be confused and even angry at the rise in parking pass prices from last year, it appears that Fluvanna actually has one of the lowest prices for student parking in Virginia.

For example, Lafayette High School in Williamsburg charges $100 per year, Deep Run High School in Henrico County charges $50, and Goochland High School charges $75. These schools appear to be on the high end for the price of parking passes, while Albemarle High School and Monticello High School are on the lower end, each charging $35.

As for FCHS, school administration has done their best to keep their price low. “I rarely change the parking pass price. It has been the same for 3-4 years now,” said FCHS Principal Margo Bruce.

While there are definitely discrepancies in the average income levels between these counties, each school also has different circumstances regarding their parking lots, such as parking space limitations, which can affect the price of parking passes. However Monticello and Albemarle don’t have a dramatic price difference for parking passes, but they still cost $10 more than Fluvanna does.

Every Fluco student who has purchased a parking pass has met FCHS Bookkeeper Angela Brown, who sells the parking passes. She explained that the money raised from the passes goes into a general funds account used by Bruce to fund things like teacher appreciation activities. For example, in recent weeks Bruce has provided a hot dog lunch and an apple bar for the teachers during lunch using the parking pass funds.

Although most FCHS students who park cars in the parking lot have to pay the $25 fee, if a student has financial issues and cannot pay the full price, they can speak with the administrators and work out a way to get a parking pass. Also, if a student gets their license in January or is graduating in December, they only have to pay half the price for the pass.

What about students who park in the lot without a pass? They will receive a warning and if they still do not purchase one, they will lose their driving privileges.

If you still need to purchase a pass, you can find Angela Brown in the front office during school hours.

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