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Decision Day kicks off in person

May 25, 2021

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Decision Day is an annual event at FCHS dedicated to seniors’ future plans after high school and to recognize them for their hard work over the years. While it had looked likely that 2021 was going to be another year with a remote Decision Day, College and Career Advisor Abby Snider was able to make the day a memorable, in-person one for seniors.

“Getting it approved [by Administration] was the first step,” said Snider, who is in her first six months on the job. Things such as buying food and supplies, reserving a Kona Ice truck, and publicizing the event to seniors were all necessary first steps in planning to make sure this event was in sight to accomplish.

Last year, Decision Day was held virtually, as May 1 was in the middle of the lockdown. Each senior came by the school to pick up a shirt, tie-dyed their shirt at home, and then sent in pictures for the yearbook and the Counseling social media page. This year, the seniors were able to have a somewhat normal day with a dozen activities like corn hole, tie-dye stations, kickball and other socially-distanced, interactive games, picture stations with balloons and props to hold up, a station to write thank you notes to teachers, and free snacks.

Snider noted that planning for this year’s event, even with Covid-19 restrictions, was not as difficult as she expected it to be. “Since it had been so long since I had planned something this big, obviously there was going to be slightly more pressure in the beginning,” said Snider.

However, as they got more into the process and restrictions started loosening, Snider said it felt like they were planning for a normal year. The end result cost roughly $1,000 and had 95 students attend.

Snider mentioned that she enjoyed the opportunity to see senior friend-groups proud interacting and discussing their school choices and hopes and dreams for the future. “My favorite part of the whole experience because I just got to enjoy hanging out with my peers and simply see everyone with smiles on their faces,” said Senior Aydon Duenas, who plans to attend PVCC next year.

“Weird, but thankful,” is the first phrase that comes Duenas’s mind about this year. “This whole year has been a mess with having little things to look forward to, but now the seniors have a huge thing to look forward to,” he said.

Along with Duenas, senior Emma Bagby, who plans to attend Old Dominion University, also found herself thankful to Decision Day for bringing together her friend group. “I was constantly looking for the silver lining somewhere [this school year] because all you can do is make the best of what you have,” Bagby said.


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