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March 11, 2020


Photo courtesy of the Fluvanna County Sheriff's Office Facebook Page

Fluvanna County students Kameron Goldsmith (left), Rob Holbrook (middle), and Mason Davis (right.)

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For the first time in the history of Fluvanna County, seven students have successfully completed the Youth Law Enforcement Training Academy. These students are a part of the Explorers program set up by School Resource Officer Kevin Taylor one year ago. The program is for students who see themselves entering into a law enforcement career in their future. 

The students entered the program last April and have been engaging with the community in hopes of raising awareness for safety among the youth as well as adults in Fluvanna. The students also run the Child ID Fingerprinting Program. 

Starting on Sept. 24, the explorers began the Youth Law Enforcement Training Academy. The academy took place once a week every Tuesday evening, and occasionally Saturdays. During this time, the students were educated on a range of topics from the history of police ethics and professionalism to crime scene investigation, as well as arrest and searches. The students were also trained to become CPR-certified. Seven students successfully completed the academy on Jan. 21. 

But just because the students completed the law enforcement academy doesn’t mean they are finished with the Explorers program. The students are able to stay with the Explorers program up until they reach the age of 20. If students decide to stay with the program, they will continue to engage with the community spreading safety awareness, as well as learning more about law enforcement. 

The seven students who finished the program are Rob Holbrook, Orion Harris, Mason Davis, John Russo, Jamison Fick, Michael Hartling, and Kameron Goldsmith.

As with a police department, the Explorers program has a rank structure. It consists of a Deputy/SRO, a Post Captain/President, a Post Lieutenant/Vice President, Post Sergeant/Treasurer, Post Sergeant/Secretary, and three post members. Holbrook is the Post Captain, Harris is the Post Lieutenant, Davis is the Treasurer, Russo is the Secretary, and the three post members are Fick, Hartling, and Goldsmith. 

 “I am very proud of the hard work and dedication that each of the Explorers have put into this program.  Each of the Explorers care deeply for their community and the citizens that live here, and it shows in the work that they are doing.  I am proud to be able to work alongside each of these Explorers,” said Taylor.

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