The archway leading into the cafeteria made by the Prom Committee for the Rustic Romance theme. Photo courtesy of McKenzie Moore.

McKenzie Moore

Prom Hits the Old Town Road

May 7, 2019

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Although Prom has already passed, it left behind memories students will cherish for years to come. Overall, 296 tickets were sold and roughly 260 students attended the event on April 26.

This year’s “Rustic Romance” theme was pulled through with striking, yet simple decorations placed throughout and outside the cafeteria.  Lights lined the walkway into the doors by the senior lounge, which then held a wooden archway covered with vines and strung lights. Mason jars were placed on tables and covered with tan cloths and filled with tea lights.

Two areas were set up for pictures including an archway with plants in front of the stairs to the main office, as well as a lighted seating area made with wooden crates and covered with white blankets and pillows under the spirit wall. Many students enjoyed having these photo destinations. “They provided a place for great pictures. Some of my favorite pictures of the night were taken on the bench,” said senior Leah Estes.

A variety of refreshments were available at a banquet table near the back of the cafeteria. Fruits, vegetables, chips, rolls, and even a chocolate fountain were among some of the top-rated food items of the night.

Emcee Percy was the DJ for the event and played a mix of line dance music, along with popular pop and rap music. As with every dance, there were varying opinions on the music played. “I thought the music was great,” said senior Blake Berry. Another senior, Rebecca Trail, wasn’t as impressed with the music selection. “I only knew a couple songs, and even then, they weren’t songs I felt like I could dance to,” said Trail.

There were a few highlights of the night that really shined, including a pony which was available the first hour outside the cafeteria for students to take pictures with. The pony was provided by Prom Committee member Maddie Grubbs, and was a big hit with the students. “Although I was excited for the dance and to see my friends all dressed up, I was most excited to see the pony,” said senior Samantha Bridges. Students who showed up later, however, were disappointed since the pony had to leave at nine. “I didn’t even know there was a pony at Prom. If I knew it was going to be there I would have come earlier,” said Berry.

As opposed to being held in the gym like last year, the decision to hold the dance in the cafeteria made many students, especially those wearing heels, happy. At last year’s event, girls had to check in their heels before being allowed on the dance floor, for fear of scuffing up the gym floors. Holding the dance in the cafeteria meant the girls were free to dance in their heels for as long as their feet would permit.

Another change from previous proms was the addition of corn hole. Prom Committee member McKenzie Moore said they “came up with the idea to provide cornhole for those people who wanted to attend prom and enjoy the music and company of other people, but are not big fans of dancing.” Several students gathered into groups to enjoy some friendly competition.

The Prom King and Queen along with the Prom court were announced toward the beginning of the dance. McKenzie Herring and Taileek Ashton won Prom Queen and King and the rest of the court included: Jordyn Palmer, Alexis Allen, Megan Boone, Austin Craig, Ryan Groome, and Colby Martin.

As the night came to a close, people were given mint tins with a “Rustic Romance” label on their way out the door, along with texting and driving, and drinking and driving, prevention sheets. While not everyone was enthralled with the lackluster party favors, many students appreciated the extra effort taken to prevent unnecessary car accidents.

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  • A Prom decoration made by the Prom Committee for the Rustic Romance theme. Photo courtesy of McKenzie Moore.

  • The table decorations along with the Prom party favor of a mint tin with a Rustic Romance label. Photo courtesy of McKenzie Moore.

  • One of the banquet tables set up with refreshments that included fruit, vegetables, and a chocolate fountain. Photo courtesy of David Small.

  • Another banquet table set up at the dance with refreshments including chips and dip. Photo courtesy of David Small.

  • The bench area the Prom Committee set up for students to take pictures on. Photo courtesy of David Small.

  • From left to right: Seniors Hunter Woodson, Amber Signman, Katrina Morris, Gracie Walton, and Phoebe Duffy pictured under archway by the entrance to the cafeteria. Photo courtesy of David Small.

  • From left to right: Seniors Devon Shifflett, Rebecca Trail, Hailey Irving, Junior Jason Dech, and Senior Malcom OMalley pictured after exiting the dance floor. Photo courtesy of David Small.

  • Principal Margo Bruce congratulating Prom Queen McKenzie Herring. Photo courtesy of David Small.

  • Principle Margo Bruce congratulating Prom King Taileek Ashton. Photo courtesy of David Small.

  • Prom King Taileek Ashton and Prom Queen McKenzie Herring enjoying their first dance together. Photo courtesy of David Small.

  • Students engaging in a friendly game of corn hole, made available by the Prom Committee for those uninterested in dancing. Photo courtesy of David Small.

  • From left to right: Seniors Andrew Farruggio, Delaney Reed, Caitlyn Russ, and Mason Justus pictured with the Rustic background set up by the main office. Photo courtesy of David Small.

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