Popular Places to Eat in Fluvanna

Faith Shields, FCHS Journalist

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With a small county like Fluvanna, you would expect there not to be diverse food types, but it does have a variety of dining options which offer good quality and affordable food, as well as popular hangout spots for friends and family. With two prominent dining locations (Turkeysag and Market Street), you’ll find things in different price ranges.

Asian Cafe

Asian Cafe is a small cafe located beside the ABC store and Mailbox Express that offers Hibachi, Sushi, Asian desserts, soups, and more. Due to COVID-19, Asian Cafe is continues to be take-out only, but once things return to normal, they will offer booth seating and in-person customer services. Prices range from high to medium, but their sushi is known to have fantastic quality ingredients and is priced very low.  

Sal’s Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria

Sal’s is located in the back end of the shopping center near the Jefferson Pharmacy and Happy Tails. Sal’s provides high-quality Italian food such as pizza, assorted pastas, salads, and desserts. Sal’s is currently open for dine-in and take-out and offers personal hospitality and fast services. Prices can range from high to low, assuring that you will always find a good meal in your price range. 

Blue 53 Sports Bar and Grill

Located next to Asian Cafe, Blue 53 is the county’s place to watch sports games and enjoy a drink. Their menu obtains food options similar to what you may find at a Buffalo Wild Wings, meaning American bar-style. Prices range from low-medium, assuring you and your family that you will find a food choice that fits your price range. They are take-out and dine-in, with both being quick service and an easy way to purchase food. 


For a fast-food choice, Dunkin is famous mainly in Fluvanna for the coffee and drinks, and occasionally the snacks. They have frozen, iced, and hot coffees with various flavorings and add-ins, all at a reasonable price. When you get snacks/food, it is a pick and choose sort of deal. They provide sandwiches on different breads or bagels, wake-up wraps, doughnuts, and muffins.


Subway is located next to Food Lion and offers various sandwiches for a quick and easy bite. As it is fast food, you can quickly grab a sandwich along with a drink and bag of chips for cheap. It has take-out and dine-in options, though it does have limited seating inside as it is a small space.   

El Vaquero

Located in the shopping center by CVS Pharmacy, El Vaquero (El Vaq) is a Mexican restaurant with personal waiters and fast services. They provide anything from enchiladas to cheesecake. Prices at El Vaq are ranked very fair and affordable for any family, which has made it a popular sit-down spot for friends and family in Fluvanna. 

Cuppa Joe

Beside El Vaq, you will find Cuppa Joe, a coffee shop with pastries, ice cream, and other drinks. This more petite cafe gives off good vibes for a chill evening, which is why you may find students from FCHS will arrive to get a drink and pastry and relax to do their homework.

Danny’s Bar and Grill

Lastly, for popular spots on the “CVS side,” located in the back section is Danny’s, formally known as Bottomz Up. If you are looking for classic American food, all the fried glory, this is your place. For excellent prices, they have burgers, sandwiches, desserts, any American side. It is a popular place for a post-football game hangout spot. The service at Danny’s is quick, with dine-in or take-out options. 

Wahoo BBQ

Wahoo BBQ is located in Centre Ct, right across from the CVS. They offer mainly BBQ- pulled pork, brisket, and chicken, as well as side options. They do not offer any vegetarian or vegan options. A recent addition to the menu is breakfast sandwiches which are sold during their morning hours. They offer ample indoor seating.  Prices are on a high to medium scale, but the quality speaks for itself!