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A scene from “Tales of the Jedi.”

“Tales of the Jedi” is a Winner

February 2, 2023

Star Wars has done it again. They’ve created one of the best TV shows that explore details about some of our favorite veteran Jedis’ pasts. In the past few Star Wars and Disney have made various mini-series, their most popular one being The Mandalorian. All of which are built on previous Star Wars movies and animated series like Clone Wars. Clone Wars came out in 2008 and explores the life of a young Anakin Skywalker who has recently become a Jedi Knight and gotten his very own apprentice, Ashoka Tano.

Disney+’s new Tales of the Jedi quite literally tells the tales of these great fighters, diving into Ashoka and her life as a youngling, and how she deals with her grief on the death of her master Anakin and her good friend, Padme Amidala. It also shows the past of Count Dooku, a great Sith Lord we were first introduced to in Star Wars: Episode 2, and a bit of his life before he officially turned to the dark side due to the manipulation of Emperor Palpatine. We also briefly get to see Qui-Gon Jinn as an apprentice.

This show made me realize how little I knew about these characters when I thought I already knew everything. It’s so nice to see the Star Wars Universe finally give us some long-awaited details about key characters. I’ve taken some time and read a few reviews and I’m glad to see Rotten Tomatoes thinks this show is amazing as well. One viewer expressed their love for this show, saying “Finally, something original. A new perspective. I love the darkness of the visual images and storyline. It’s epic. No woke nonsense either!” Another viewer wrote, “Started watching this with the kids. Now me and the wife are hooked. Full of atmosphere and real compelling storylines. This captures the Star Wars universe perfectly.”

Everything about this series is just so well-done and detailed. Each story is very well-written and it’s obvious this is one show which wasn’t done on a rushed deadline. The Star Wars team at Disney+ have done such a beautiful job with all their shows that none of them so far have disappointed me.

I give this show a 10 out of 10. It is appropriate for all age groups, so the whole family can join in on this spectacular show.

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