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Luca is a Heartfelt Story of Friendship

September 29, 2021

Disney Pixar has always been good at making us feel that funny, warm feeling in our stomachs and occasionally making us cry; actually, they make us cry a lot.  From Toy Story to Monsters Inc., Pixar never fails to touch our hearts. Disney’s new movie Luca didn’t fail to make us feel the same feeling we’ve felt for years.

This heartwarming movie takes place in Portorosso, Italy is about two thirteen-year-old boys, Luca and Alberto, who aren’t exactly human but can look the part. The boys quickly build a fast and close friendship which is just simply too cute to handle, to get their dream vehicle, The Vespa, to travel the world on their own, but quickly find out they have to win a race to get money to buy one. On the way, they meet a girl named Gulia who also wants to win the race but for a different reason, and the boys soon realize that maybe they could win by joining this human girls’ team.

This beautiful, heartwarming story has not only touched me but many others. Before meeting Luca, Alberto was an independent boy living on an island outside of Portorosso, where he collects human items. Many said they related to Alberto because they have difficulty making friends and found it reassuring to know they weren’t alone. Others say they relate to Luca, a curious boy who wants something more than just the waters of Italy. He wants to see the world but is just a little bit nervous about doing it alone and leaving behind what he’s always known.

Personally, I can relate to both; I’m shy like Luca and despise doing things by myself, but also I want to see the world, but it’s a little tricky since I have an emotional attachment to home just like Luca. Although I can also relate to Alberto, as I have a hard time making new friends and sometimes feel alone, but was reassured that I was not alone when Alberto had the same problems. It’s lovely to see that these two kids find comfort in one another because of their individual issues, but they don’t see those issues; they just see each other, and that’s all that matters.

This movie is about friendship and comfort that will simply just melt you. I’ve watched this movie at least a thousand times and still don’t get tired of it. So get your family together, make some popcorn, grab some blankets, turn on Disney+, and watch Luca. I promise this movie does not disappoint. This movie is age-appropriate for ages four and up, but I would consider it appropriate for all ages. You can watch Luca on Disney+ as it is a Disney+ original.

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