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Croods 2 is Fun for the Whole Family

February 22, 2021

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What is the best animation movie that you have ever seen? For me, it’s Croods 2: A New Age, a sequel to The Croods, this 2013 animated adventure that tells the story of a family surviving during the prehistoric age. When Eep, the daughter of Grug and Ugga, wanders out of the family cave, she meets a more evolved human called Guy. The original movie revolves around the clash of cultures and how they must band together in order to survive.

Croods 2: A New Age retains the original family and Guy as they set off on a quest for a place called “Tomorrow.” While doing that they meet another family, this one even more evolved, called the Bettermans, who alternately challenge and irritate the Croods.

Croods 2 is a funny, entertaining, and make-you-feel-good movie. There are times that I was laughing so hard my stomach hurt, and then there were times when I had a tear in my eye. But overall, I think that Croods 2 is worth your time.

The casting for this movie works well, pulling the viewing into the tale. Ryan Reynolds returns as the evolved, go-getter Guy, as does Emma Stone as wild and happy Eep, the oldest daughter. and Nicolas Cage as the overprotective dad, Grug, the father of Eep, Thunk, and Sandy, the youngest Crood. My favorite character is Gran, who travels and lives with the family. She is funny, she knows her business and she does not let anyone mess around with her.

Croods 2 has appeal for all ages, but especially for those ages six and up. It has lots of humor but the humor is definitely kid-friendly. The people that would get bored with this movie are the people who like more adult humor. Croods 2 will be available on digital streaming the week of Feb. 8. Check online for the best service for you.

Reporter’s Note: I saw this movie at the Alamo Drafthouse, which was an experience itself in a Covid environment. The theater has made significant arrangements for social distancing, cleaning, and mask-wearing, so I personally felt very safe. My family and I ate a meal there (in case you don’t know, Alamo lets you order meals–ranging from pizza and appetizers to popcorn and burgers–which are delivered to you while you watch. However, we kept our masks on our chins so if the waitress came by we could quickly put our masks back on. Other than while eating and drinking, we had our masks on the entire time. It was just our family and two other groups, so we were all very much separated out among the theater. Do what you think is safe in the current environment, but we would not hesitate to attend a movie at Alamo again.

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