“Almost, but nothing ever really dies. There are always echoes.” Konstantin Kovar, Arrow season five.
“Almost, but nothing ever really dies. There are always echoes.” Konstantin Kovar, Arrow season five.

The End Of Arrow

August 20, 2019

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Arguably one of the best superhero shows ever, Arrow is known for having created its own universe of superheroes (known as the “Arrowverse”) on the CW Network. Over the course of seven seasons, it has provided a direct platform for shows like The Flash, and has served as a direct inspiration for shows such as Daredevil. But just as all good things must come to an end, Arrow will be ending after its eighth season. 

Stephen Amell, the actor who plays the man/superhero Green Arrow, says he’d rather go out on top then limp to the finish line, and while I have no doubt Arrow could make it to 10 seasons, the show is definitely running out of places to go. I figured the show would end soon when Oliver announced to the world he was the Green Arrow. In addition, some of the show’s main villains (like Deathstroke) had already been killed off or disappeared due to licensing conflicts with DC Comics. 

The sad news for fans doesn’t stop there. Season Eight of Arrow won’t be the usual 24-episodes, but less than half of that, with only 10 episodes (a fact which I fear could signal could mean a thin overall plot for the season). 

While Oliver may disappear or die at the series’ end, there’s a chance he won’t be gone forever. The CW has managed to bring back several characters that were believed to be gone, including Tommy Merlyn and Captain Cold, thanks to plot elements such as time travel, multiple earths, flashbacks, and flashforwards. Meanwhile, Arrow-related shows such as The Flash, Supergirl and Legends Of Tomorrow may continue for years to come. 

The executive producer tweeted that the final episode may not be greenlit for TV due to legal hoops but would post the script of the new finale. 

In the season seven finale The Monitor confronts Oliver and tells him that he needs his help to stop someone much stronger than him. And mentions that Oliver won’t survive since he traded his life to save The Flash and Supergirl in last years crossover. In the future timeline Felicity tells The Monitor that she’s ready to go see him, referring to Oliver. Felicity will not be returning for the eighth season due to Emily Bett Richards no longer wanting to play the character. I Don’t think it was a smart decision to reveal the fact that Oliver will die at the end of the show, It ruins the surprise and shock of seeing the main character die.  

But as far as returning cast members, Moira Queen, Oliver’s mother, played by Susanna Thompson, will be returning most likely due to time travel or multiple Earths, even though she was killed back in season two of the show.    

While it is the beginning of the end for Arrow, I’d much rather see them go out on their own terms rather than by being canceled. The mark this show will leave behind has set a new standard for superhero shows everywhere.   

The final season of Arrow will premiere on Oct. 15.

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