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The Act

February 25, 2022


Tyler DeGregory

Artwork Courtesy of Tyler DeGregory

Can you not crack…the act?

Can you not see…the real me?

I smile…to hide the denial.

I have peers always around me…to stop the neverending tears.

It’s getting hard to pretend…that these thoughts are going to end.

You only see the “real” me… when I change to who you want me to be.

But…who am I? I don’t recognize myself… you’ve changed me to someone else…

No one special…just a girl who’s now good at hiding in her hood.

But you made her this way! Now it’s your turn to change.

You can help her…

It’s not too late. You get to choose her fate.

She wants to cry…but there’s not a single tear left…in her eye

She feels there is no one on her side…and all they want is for her to die.

But she remembers… she’s stronger than this! That may be something no one will miss.

Now as she falls asleep at night…thinking of ways not to cry…you pop up in her mind..

Tears streaming down her face…she cannot seem to slow the pace.

Now tomorrow…she has to put on her act…that no one can ever crack…

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Danielle Scott, Journalist

Danielle is in 10th grade and this is her first year in Journalism. She loves to travel and play field hockey and has a dog named Lily.

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