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Protector of the Darkness

April 20, 2018

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In the dark,

You feel the pressure of the world,

As you realize you have nowhere to turn.

She will find you in the darkness.


She– the protector of the darkness,

The darkness of your heart–

Feeds and survives on your misery,

Repairing you in the darkness.


She comes as a shifting shadow,

From a corner,

From under your bed,

From behind the curtains,

Revealed in the darkness.


She holds your fear,

And squeezes it in her frozen grip,

Dissipating it from your mind,

Saving you from the darkness.


She– the protector of the darkness–

Is herself afraid.

So she saves you and herself every night,

No longer alone in the darkness.

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Gracie Walton, FCHS Journalist

Gracie is a senior and this is her first year in Journalism. She loves writing stories and playing softball, as well as taking road trips. She plans on...

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