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A Familiar Hill

November 16, 2021

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Fluvanna County is known for hills, and students can find one of the best ones at FCHS: Von Hill Jr.  

Hill grew up in Fluvanna and graduated from FCHS with the class of 2015.  “I spent freshman year in the old high school, and I remember being surprised about [the new building] because we weren’t sure we were going to get [a new school]. Then we did,” reported Hill when asked about the transition between buildings. (Few students may realize that at the time, the construction of the current building was very controversial due to its cost.)  

Hill works as an Instructional Assistant at FCHS, meaning that he gets to work with many teachers.  “I like being here, and getting to work with teachers who taught me is exciting.  I like getting to see the behind-the-scenes stuff,” he said.  “It’s fairly exciting, actually,” he added.  “Some things are just like when I was in school, but others are different.”

He has a passion for working with teens.  “As a staff member, I can help out the students in ways I couldn’t when I was a student.  It’s rewarding,” said Hill.  “Seeing what teachers do behind the scenes is really interesting.  I can really appreciate all the work teachers do,” he added.  

Something interesting about Hill is that he is also a disc jockey and has been the man behind the music at many FCHS dances over the last seven or more years, including Oct. 23’s Homecoming dance which was the first school dance to be held on the tennis courts. 

From eighth-grade dances to senior proms, Hill has been a reliable source of entertainment for many Flucos.  Being the disc jockey for dances requires a large setup with tons of equipment. “It can be stressful,” reported Hill, “but at the end of the day, it’s always a lot of fun.” 

The FCHS dances are fast-paced and can get a little hectic, but Hill loves seeing the students have fun.  “As long as [they’re] having a good time, I’m having a good time.”

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