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Analysis: Pros and Cons to Having TikTok

April 25, 2022


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By Bethany Cheripka

Teenagers around the globe are fascinated with TikTok, whether it is because of the funny videos they find, or because it allows them to connect with friends. I personally have had TikTok since it first was released, and I really enjoy having the app.

Since I have had TikTok, I feel as though I have grown as an individual. I think that it is due to the world-wide perspectives that I am able to see through the app. There are many profiles that center their content around current news, which keeps me up-to-date on current events. Additionally, I am able to read comments from users regarding the issue and how it has affected them. This encourages me to see situations from an alternate perspective and broadens my horizons.

Some TikTok users enjoy the brighter side of things, and that is why they enjoy the app. For example, FCHS freshman Neveah Ferguson says that her favorite part about TikTok is the dog videos. There are diverse options when it comes to the videos posted on TikTok, so everyone can find videos that make them happy or satisfied.

Along with the video aspect of TikTok, users are able to create their own “sound,” which is the background noise included in the videos posted. Many of these sounds end up going viral, and people around the world may use the tracks to make dances or funny videos. Senior Maggie McWilliams says that the music is her favorite part of TikTok because it’s “a good way to get hyped up.”

All in all, there are multiple benefits to being on TikTok, whether it is to stay up to date on current news, or just to enjoy funny videos of dogs. If you ask me, TikTok is a place for everyone to enjoy.



By Alayne Wyche

The most popular app in the world right now is TikTok, an app where you can create short video clips and share them with the world. Many teenagers have TikTok accounts and even claim to be “obsessed” with the app. “I love TikTok and I am always on it when I am not doing anything important,” says Madison Aldridge, a junior at FCHS.  I, on the other hand, am not a fan of the app at all and I refuse to download it. I have decided to list my reasons as to why I do not see myself ever downloading the app.

Protecting My Mental Health

Considering the fact that I already suffer from different mental illnesses, a lot of the subjects on TikTok would be triggering for me. “I have seen what the app does to other people’s mental health and I don’t want to experience it,” said junior Molly Pace. Weight-related challenges tend to make me upset, as do many other challenges that are popular on the app. A lot of the subjects that trend do not tend to be very good for people with mental illnesses. It also does not have a good reputation when it comes to affecting teenagers’ mental health around the world.

Preventing Addiction

Many people around the world claim to be addicted to TikTok. The layout of the app makes it easy for people to stay on the app for long periods of time. The average TikTok user is said to watch videos on the app for around 52 minutes a day. I would never want to be caught up in this. I find that there are much more important things that I could spend my time on rather than watching 100 short clips. The premise of TikTok also has made it much harder for many young people to focus on things for long periods of time.

It’s Not My Cup of Tea

The whole idea of spending hours watching 40-second-long video clips does not grab my attention. I just don’t find it interesting nor an efficient way to spend my time. I feel like getting it would get me behind in a lot of my schoolwork and other important things that I have to worry about. The app overall is not a way that I see myself spending my own time

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