Flucos Wear Jeans for a Cause


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Aiden Matula, FCHS Journalist

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Cancer is a terrible disease that not only affects patients, but their families as well.  When one of your own is going through cancer, the challenges become real. That is when the support of friends and community can make a difference.  

One of Fluvanna’s own, senior Kamron Goldsmith, is dealing with such a situation, as his mother battles cancer. Besides dealing with a busy senior year, Goldsmith has taken on the task of supporting his sister, helping pay for his mother’s treatment, and trying to pay the rent for their house.  

As a result, he recently started a Go Fund Me page to help raise the money his family needs.  Since then, the Go Fund Me fundraiser has been shared 642 times across many social media platforms.  

Meanwhile, staff members at FCHS have banded together to help raise money for the family.  Staff members have been encouraged to help by participating in a “March Madness” fundraiser.  ”So far, 30 teachers have donated to Kamron through the Jeans in March fundraiser,” said FCHS Counselor Erika Morris.  By donating $20 or more, staff members will be allowed to wear jeans everyday during the month of March, and pair them with their favorite collegiate wear for the March Madness tournament. Morris explained that she got the idea from a similar fundraiser math teacher Lori Hoffman did to benefit the local food pantry in November.  

The jeans fundraiser is just one idea being used to support the Goldsmith family.  “There is a dinner on Friday, March 6 from 5-7 pm [at FCHS] where people will be encouraged to come and donate $10 to attend a dinner with entree, side, and dessert of your choice,” said Morris.  She noted that they are welcoming dessert donations for the event. Staff members may contribute at the Counseling office or by contacting [email protected] or [email protected]

To support the Goldsmith family through their Go Fund Me account, go to this link.

Editor Note: Erika Morris announced on March 6 that the jeans fundraiser has raised $1,300 for the Goldsmith family.