Lucifer Provides a Devil of a Good Time

December 10, 2019


Netflix’s “Lucifer” is filming its fifth season. Photo courtesy of Netflix

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Arguably one of the best Netflix original shows, Lucifer, which is now in it fourth season, is a comedy/drama/supernatural show based on the premise that Satan, otherwise known as Lucifer Morningstar,  has taken a vacation from his underworldly duties and has decided to stay and party on Earth. There, he makes many friends who have no idea of who he is, even though he makes no effort to hide his identity. They just think he is a phenomenally good-looking, devilishly bad guy. He starts a club called Luxa and develops a side business where he does favors for people. 

When one of his clients gets murdered, Lucifer takes it upon himself to seek justice, running him head-first into the path of a no-nonsense detective named Chloe Decker. After they end of working together, Lucifer realizes he likes the feeling of being one of the good guys. The pilot and several ensuing seasons revolve around Lucifer’s role as a civilian consultant for the Los Angeles Police Department.

This basic premise captivated a faithful group of viewers, so much spent three seasons on Fox before getting canceled.  Fans fought to revive the show with a hashtag campaig, #SaveLucifer.  After that, Netflix picked up the show and ran it as a Netflix original.  It is now working on its fifth and last season.

Tom Ellis, who does an excellent job of capturing the devilishly charming Lucifer, also manages to capture his good side, a revelation that seems to surprise no one more than Lucifer himself. Can his soul be saved after all? 

The first season sets the mood for the rest of the show and introduces you to all the main characters, especially Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) who appears to be immune to his charms but with whom he quickly establishes some chemistry. 

Just like every other show on Netflix, Lucifer has aspects you’ll like or dislike. Personally, I’m annoyed by the  writers’ tendency to introduce random new characters who show up for an episode or two and then disappear. On the other hand, I like how the show brings in Biblical characters (such as Eve, mankind’s first woman) who are used in unexpected ways.  

There aren’t many shows to which you can compare Lucifer, except for perhaps the crime procedural Bones, which also features a detective/non-detective crime fighting duo. Overall, this show will mostly cater to those who enjoy police dramas with a splash of humor, or supernatural shows.

On May 7 of this year, Lucifer was given a green light for its fifth and final season. You can see the newly-released trailer for the show here. You can catch up on all four seasons of the Lucifer on Netflix. It boasts an 8.7 rating out of 10 on  

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