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3-D Printer in the 3rd floor Library

New Technology at FCHS

March 9, 2022

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Have you ever imagined turning an idea you have into an object you can hold in your hands in just a couple hours? The new high-tech attraction at Fluvanna County High School that can make this a reality is a 3-D printer that was donated by a community member last November. The printer is located in the Library and has attracted students and teachers alike to learn more about how the printer operates and how to use it correctly.

What is a 3-D printer? According to, “3D printing is a process in which a digital model is turned into a tangible, solid, three-dimensional object, usually by laying down many successive, thin layers of a material.”

The FCHS librarians are ecstatic over the recent acquisition of the machinery. “One of our students, Alex Mayo, has been coming in and working on getting [the machine] up and going in his free time. This has taken a lot of research on his part, as he does not have any 3D printing experience. But he pushed through and today printed a boat. We are thrilled,” said librarian Ann Jennings.

FCHS junior Alexander Mayo has been interested in working with 3-D printers for about two years, and since the new addition to the school, his interests have only grown. “I enjoy the creativity of the 3-D printer, and it can be used to create many things, such as a broken piece of a nerf gun,” said Mayo.

The librarians are encouraging students to use the 3-D printer, even if you’ve never used one before. According to librarian Shannon Taylor, they have resources available to help students create designs, including a software application that has the coding for the 3-D printer. All users have to do is get the printer up and running. So far, the printer has been used to make two snails, two tiny boats, and one big boat.

For those who are not sure where to start on creating a 3-D printer object, Mayo has offered his assistance. “I would be more than happy to teach them,” he said.

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