Take a walk down the pier in Arbor Lake Forest Lakes.

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Take a walk down the pier in Arbor Lake Forest Lakes.

Behind Flucos’ Shorter-Than-Usual Summer

June 10, 2021

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This school year has been ones of ups and downs and constant changes including a late start, then the switch to hybrid from all virtual mid school year. All this has lead to a shorter summer break. In a normal school year, FCHS would be releasing in late May and would be coming back in August. Due to Covid causing a late start to the 2021 school year, however, FCHS students will be getting out on June 11 and coming back in August.

The reason that this is happening is so students can return to a normal school schedule. Since they had to push back the start, teachers have been rushing to teach everything to maximize student preparation for SOL’s and finals. They are also doing this because they were out since March 13 of 2020. Since they started back on September 8, that was a seven-month break, which is about a little less than three months longer than a normal summer break.

When the news broke about there being a shorter summer break at FCHS, students were disappointed. “I don’t like the idea of a shorter summer break. I feel like we should have gone back earlier so we could have our full break,” said freshman Linwood Perkins. Some teachers agreed. “It stinks, but we did have extra time last summer, so it basically balances out. At least it makes me feel better thinking that way,” said Keyboarding teacher Christine Kreitzman.

Other students and staff wanted to get their say on how they felt about a shorter break. “I feel like it’s fair and unfair at the same time because we got a long summer break last year, but we couldn’t do anything about it,” said freshman Christian Lambert. “So we shouldn’t have to have a short summer. Plus we started late to help the teachers. If we would’ve started in August, then we would’ve had a normal summer,” he added. History teacher Alexander Burruss feels similarly. “It is what it is. Sometimes we have to take what is given to us and make the best of it,” said Burruss. Not only will the break be shorter, but it might also affect students and staff’s plans for traveling in the summer and for students who work during the summer.

Students and staff may not be able to hang with their friends or do much this summer but they can work on improving themselves over the summer. “I will probably work out more and work to make some money and also go fishing,” said Perkins. Teachers and other staff members may spend their shortened time planning for next semester or they might just rest up. “Schoolwork, reading, spending time outside doing things with my family. Not much traveling this year,” said Kreitzman.

The shorter summer may also affect fall sports because the teams will have a shorter time to train. “I’m going to be training for football, might get a job, and hang out with friends,” said Lambert. The shorter summer has affected the time to train because they usually start somewhere in April and end right before August. For this year they started in May and then they are going to be ending the same time as normal.

The shorter summer will also affect the teachers’ break because they come back a few weeks earlier than usual to do planning. With at least three fewer weeks than normal, teachers may feel the need to pack in as much as possible those weeks, especially after such a chaotic year. “I would enjoy every day, rest up and plan for the next semester,” said Burruss.
FCHS staff will return Aug. 3, while students’ first day will be Aug. 11.

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