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June 9, 2021

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There’s nothing better than enjoying a fresh cup of soft-serve ice cream on a blazing hot summer day. It’s everything you need to get cooled down and enjoy yourself. But no other ice cream does the trick like Papa Jim’s soft serve. The creamy goodness served in each cup or cone delivers its own unique flavor to your taste buds.

Where can you get some of this soft serve you ask? Papa Jim’s is located on 19501 James Madison Highway, in Troy VA. Once you arrive, you’ll immediately notice the oversized ice cream cone decorated with lights towards the pavilion. The life-sized cone is a unique idea and adds to the shop’s character. Not only that, but it provides a distraction from the tightly arranged parking lot. Papa Jim’s is located right off of the main road, making it a bit of a struggle to get to, and the squeezed parking lot doesn’t make matters any better.

If it is a busy day at Papa Jim’s, I would recommend coming back later to avoid the parking disaster. Despite the parking lot itself, the service is quick, short, and sweet. You walk up to the shop, order off of the menu attached to the building, and it is out within a couple of minutes. The workers are excellent at making sure they translate your order correctly and getting it out efficiently. All while maintaining a comforting smile on their face.

The menu itself offers a variety of ice cream flavors, milkshakes, banana splits, and even pup cups for your furry friends. Everything on the menu ranges from two dollars to ten dollars, depending on the size and item. Overall, the prices are very affordable, even after tax. In case you were dreading coming out of the parking lot with an ice cream cone in your hand, not to worry, because Papa Jim’s offers outdoor seating. There is a pavilion located right next to the shop, and it consists of multiple park benches, ultimately providing enough space for the whole family.

You may want to be wary of the flies that will be attracted to your sweet ice cream because once they spot you, they will not let you up for even a second. But then again, who wouldn’t be attracted to a cup of Papa Jim’s ice cream? Despite its minor inconveniences, Papa Jim’s is a great place to go for a creamy, sugary delight on a warm spring or summer day. You can stop by anytime between 1 PM and 7 PM, Thursday through Sunday. So don’t wait to get the scoop at Papa Jim’s soft-serve treats.

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