A Different Approach to Volleyball

February 8, 2021


FCHS sophomore Faith Shields in a 2019 volleyball game at FCHS.

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PASS, SET, KILL… does not seem like it is going to happen normally this year. Fluvanna Volleyball is a well known sports team throughout FCHS. They have an outstanding reputation as a group of hard working girls. However, the COVID pandemic has put a spin on things.

Currently, VHSL has announced that all sports this school year are eligible to occur. Volleyball is considered a high-contact sport, along with football, meaning that there is a slim chance that the 2021 volleyball season will happen as of now due to a rise in COVID cases as well as the surrounding schools pulling out of sports. If this season is to occur, tryouts will be held on Feb. 15, 2021 and the season is planned to last throughout mid April.

Sophomore Kayla Gentry notices that one negative impact of COVID on this volleyball season “is the decrease in the intensity of our play,” She also states that her team is “usually a very fast pace team and everyone is everywhere at all times”, but due to COVID guidelines, it is more difficult to run such high intensity drills. However, one positive aspect that sophomore Faith Shields has felt is that the delay of the season has given the team “more time to prepare for the short season” they will have. Shields looks at this as an opportunity to use this time wisely and “go into the season in shape and having worked on simple things like ball control.”

Although everyone on the team is hoping for a season, the seniors are wishing just a little bit harder. This global pandemic has taken away many things from many people, especially the Class of 2021. This could be the seniors last chance to play high school volleyball. Regardless, senior Amy Glowatch plans to make the most of the possible season. Glowatch’s plan is to “play every game and every practice as though it’s my last” give it her all, and make every time she steps on the court “worth it.”

As of right now, there are other sports at Fluvanna currently in their season which makes it difficult for volleyball to practice and still maintain social distancing guidelines. The team tries to get together for an open gym on the Saturdays they are able to get at the high school. The team is holding themselves and each other accountable for staying in shape and doing as many at-home drills as possible to ready themselves for tryouts. Once tryouts are in full swing, practices will then begin Monday-Fridays, 4-6pm.

This is a big adjustment for the school, players, and coaches, but collectively, FCHS is managing to make this work and maintain a positive mindset throughout the process.

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