Senior MacKenzie Morris using the new student hub (Courtesy of Natalie Branch)
Senior MacKenzie Morris using the new student hub

Courtesy of Natalie Branch

Modern Connections

September 25, 2019

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Over the years, Flucos’ ways of staying “connected” have changed, sometimes expanding and sometimes contracting. 

Starting this year, FCHS has established a new way for parents and students to connect to the school. It’s called a resource hub. Students and parents have been given two separate QR codes that they can scan with their phone cameras. The code redirects them to websites, which can be added to their home screens to view whenever they choose. Each hub holds information about activities and events at FCHS, ranging from upcoming football games to upcoming testing dates. 

The student and parent hubs have some similarities, but also some differences. The student hub holds information about ID badges, testing, yearbook photos, bell schedules, school counseling, and specific information relevant to students. The parent hub appears to hold less information, but it does include yearbook photo and ID badge information, testing dates, and announcements or link to attendance, report cards and Power School. Both hubs are updated as needed, sometimes a couple of times a week. 

The Student hub, specifically, has the potential to be particularly valuable to students given the fact that, beginning this year Fluco Focus and In The Know are at the end of the day. Since classes end at 3:15, seniors have the option of getting parent permission to leave at that time, something that quite a few seniors are doing. This causes those seniors to miss In The Know and not hear the information they may need. 

Students have varying opinions about whether the hubs are necessary or helpful. “I think it’s a great thing because we can be on the same page. The students know as much as the parents do and the other way around, so that we can all kind of know what’s going on within our community and our school system,” said senior Maggie Wentz. 

Other students appear to have their doubts. “I think it’s not necessary because most of the information on student hub, students don’t care about, and the information students do care about can be found in other places,” said sophomore Kaitlyn Costanzo.

When asked if they were aware of the hub’s existence.

  • 14% of students polled said yes 
  • 86% of students polled said no 

When asked if they’d accessed it

  • 7% of students polled said yes 
  • 93% of students polled said no 

When asked if they think it could be useful

  • 12% of students polled said yes 
  • 88% of students polled said no 

This new student parent hub seems to be the school’s way of modernizing communication within the community. Whatever your opinion may be, it’s just another source of connection and communication that you might put to use now or later. 

To reach the Student Hub, open this link

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