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Seniors Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

May 16, 2019

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On May 20, the time finally came for 2019 Fluvanna County High School seniors to revisit past experiences and show off their caps and gowns to those who helped pave their paths to graduation.

The Senior Walk, a relatively new tradition from the last five years, is an event where members of the graduating class are bused to all lower schools of Fluvanna County to give their final goodbyes to those who helped educate them. Teachers and students stand along the halls to cheer and give them high fives and congratulations.

The walk exists to provide seniors with a specific opportunity to give thanks and farewells to past teachers, from those who taught them their ABCs in kindergarten, to those who coached them in middle school. Prior to the walk, senior Jacob Shifflett said, “I can remember walking up the ramp of the old high school, so it’s going to be cool to go up there again as seniors. The lunchrooms are going to hit hard too.”

The walk also allows younger students standing along the walls to get a glimpse into their own future. “I think it’s good for them to see where they’ll turn out because it’s hard to see it when you’re at their age,” said senior Bayley Leyshon.

The event also can serve as a big milestone for seniors. “It’s a good nostalgic experience to see where you started, especially now that I’ve reached the end,” said senior Syerra Milliman.


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