Our Prom Makes Its Debut

April 30, 2018


Jake Lindo

Photo courtesy of FCHS Journalism

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SGA (Student Government Association) is constantly looking for ways to increase school participation and bring the school together as a community. This semester, they came up with the idea to have a SPED (Special Education) Prom on April 20 during 4th block.

“Our main focus was to connect the school together as a community, and create more school personality,” said SGA member Christina Walker. It was her group’s idea to make a prom that included SPED students, called “Our Prom.”

Everyone in SGA, including first semester students, gathered to help set up the day of the prom. They used decorations and crafts from the SGA “cave,” as well as lights from previous years’ dances, streamers and balloons, mini games, and decorations they created with hula hoops and streamers.

While SGA was hard at work decorating the auxiliary gym, SPED teacher Taylor Aylor and a few students were busy helping girls prepare for the prom. The group painted the girls’ nails, applied make-up, and styled their hair. Once they were ready, they helped the girls get dressed and walked them to the dance.

About 70 people attended, with about 30 being SGA members. Instead of having a DJ, a laptop was plugged into the Annex speakers, playing a preset Spotify playlist. The day was full of dancing and laughter from students and staff alike, and SGA hopes to continue “Our Prom” for years to come.

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