The Big Freeze


A snowstorm hit the Mid-Atlantic and the North-East on Jan. 3, causing thousands of Fluvanna residents to be stranded in their homes, many without power.

In Fluvanna County, the majority of homes were without power ranging from a couple of hours, to up to six days or more. This tragedy was caused mostly by heavy snow causing trees to fall on power lines. Due to the growing demand for electricity, companies such as Central Virginia Electric Cooperative (CVEC), and Dominion Energy Virginia, struggled to catch up with the challenge.

With temperatures dropping down to the teens, the homes without power continued to get colder. To assist those without electricity and nowhere to run to with electricity, Fluvanna County High School opened their doors to the community as a ‘’warming shelter.”

The storm caused Fluvanna County Public Schools to remain closed the first week after winter break, with students returning to school the following Jan. 10.