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May 25, 2021

Albums for your Thoughts
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Quarantine has caused many people, including myself, to feel isolated and disconnected from one another. I find music to be deeply comforting and helpful during such crazy times. Throughout quarantine, I have relistened to and discovered new albums that have helped me throughout my year at home.

Dizzy Up the Girl by The Goo Goo Dolls
This album was incredibly enjoyable. Dizzy Up the Girl is the sixth studio album released by the rock band The Goo Goo Dolls. Released in 1998, this album features fun rock songs and slow soft rock songs as well. I found this album many years ago, as many of the songs featured on the album were songs that I had heard throughout my childhood. It feels very nostalgic to me, which helped provide a feeling of comfort, despite the pandemic raging outside.

My favorite songs off of this album are the songs Slide, Dizzy, and Iris. All of these songs make me feel differently, but I found all of them to be great.

Fleet Foxes by Fleet Foxes
This was the first studio album by the indie folk band Fleet Foxes and it was a very strong debut album for the band. Released in 2008, this has to be one of the best albums that I have ever heard. My close friend introduced me to one of the songs from the album, and I immediately dove down a rabbit hole of their other music.

I find all of their albums to be amazing. Featuring beautiful harmonies and wonderful melodies, this album is very close to, if not musical perfection in its own form. My favorite tracks are Blue Ridge Mountains, White Winter Hymnal, and He Doesn’t Know Why.

Misadventures by Pierce the Veil
This album by the rock band Pierce the Veil was released in 2017 and features strong and intense vocals. The album really sounds like classic or signature Pierce the Veil, which is very loud and fast. Some of their songs include screaming, so I would avoid it if you are sensitive to that or just not a fan of extremely loud music.

My favorite tracks from this album are The Divine Zero, Song for Isabelle, and Circles. Overall this album is quite thrilling to listen to, and I absolutely recommend it.


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