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Umbrella Academy has Something for Everyone

December 7, 2020

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Do you like Gerard Way, the lead singer of My Chemical Romance? If so, you might love the new hit Netflix original series based on his comics and graphic novels.

Umbrella Academy is a suspenseful, attention-grabbing, and unique series fitting into many different genres such as science-fiction, romance, comedy, and just about everything anyone could want in a fantastic TV show.

The show begins as 43 infants are unexpectedly born across the globe to women who find themselves unexpectedly and inexplicably pregnant. Seven of these children– Luther, Allison, Vanya, Number 5, Diego, Ben, and Klaus– are adopted by wealthy scientist Sir Reginald Hargreeves. Six of the seven children have known superpowers, which their adopted father utilizes to form The Umbrella Academy, a crime-fighting organization.

The show is so captivating because it is so different from most of today’s TV. The show could be loved by many different types of genre lovers as it includes so many different aspects. The best features of the show are the soundtrack and videography effects. The soundtrack is also extremely diverse, ranging from country songs, to jazz, to heavy metal.

The romance aspect of the show adds a lot of spunk to the normal purely science-fiction genre. The drama which comes from some of the children’s romantic relationships is exciting and engages an audience that is captivated by that aspect of television. It would be a great show to watch with a significant other or siblings as it has aspects which stereotypically engage men with action and science fiction, and women with drama and romance.

My only negative with the show is my extreme dislike for one character, Vanya. Without spoiling anything, the best way I can describe her is needy and a constant nuisance.

Throughout its season, the show kept me engaged, which is an experience hard to come by with many other new releases. The amazing cliffhanger left me hungry for more and I cannot wait for another season to possibly be produced in February 2021. Overall, I would give the series a 9.5 out of 10 stars.

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