Who’s Under The Mask?


Photo courtesy of RottenTomatoes.com

MacKenzie Morris, FCHS Journalist

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Looking for something new to watch as your Coronacation stretches into its second week? The Masked Singer (accessible on Fox, Hulu, and YouTube TV) has had a very successful run so far. Its unique way of having celebrities compete has had very positive feedback from fans. Being nominated for multiple Kids Choice Awards and People’s Choice Awards, The Masked Singer is a viewer-integrated competition show in which celebrities are dressed in elaborate costumes and go head-to-head singing against one another to fight to be the last one left to be unmasked. 

Meanwhile, the panelists are no strangers to the public eye, with host Nick Cannon and judges Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, and Robin Thicke. These celebrity judges use clue packages created by the masked celebrities to try and decipher who might be under the intricate costumes. 

Coming into its third season, The Masked Singer has unmasked some very well-known celebrities, while some have stumped even the judges. Unveiled celebrities have included Fluvanna native Chris Daughtry and other figures such as singer Chaka Khan and skateboarding legend Tony Hawk. To make things more interesting, celebrities don’t have to have a reputaiton as a singer, but only a drive to display their talent on television before a panel of other celebrities. 

The format of the show is extremely secretive. The celebrities who choose to compete are transported back and forth from their locations wearing black, baggy clothing with gloves, high socks, and black-out visors as to not give away their identities. Those competing are not allowed to speak with anybody on set other than their vocal coach and choreographer. The level of security used to keep these celebrities’ identities on lock is extremely detailed work so as to not disclose who is under what mask. 

When the competition begins, the masks will battle it out to see who will keep their mask on the longest. The celebrity panel is given a new clue package with each performance, then works alongside one another to figure out who is performing for them. Typically, by the second or third performance from a mask, at least one panelist will decifer who is underneath it. 

This show takes the audience and celebrity panel on a wild ride of guessing and fixating on who may be underneath what mask. These elaborate costumes house celebrities from all backgrounds, whether it be in music or even a comedy stage. Overall, I enjoy the element of mystery in the show. The level of security needed to keep the singer’s identities secret is mind-blowing. The Masked Singer is a new concept that is different from many competition shows currently on television, and for that, I give it a 10/10.