Six Study Apps to Help Improve Your Grades

Kaleigh Knight , FCHS Journalist

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Now that everyone is back in school and taking harder tests, it is important to know how to prepare yourselves for them. Here are a few apps that students can use in and out of school to help them study and receive the best grades possible.

  • Google Socratic 

This app allows students to take pictures of their work, and it will bring up related websites on google to teach them further about their assignments. It will sometimes give you Khan Academy lessons or suggest you go to a Quizlet. Socratic is a good app for when you don’t understand what you are learning and need extra help. 

  • Quizlet

Every student has most likely been using Quizlet in their classes since middle school, but as English and other classes start to get harder and more vocabulary words exceed what you already know, this is the most reliable app. On Quizlet, you can use others’ sets that could be useful or create your own. Quizlet could also be useful for Spanish or French vocabulary words where you can put them into sentences and translate them. It’s a straightforward app, but it is useful when you need to study new vocabulary words.

  • Evernote 

Evernote is a very popular study app overall. It has modern features like being able to record lessons and have a well-organized schedule. It allows you to set goals for yourself which motivates you to study harder. The most important thing about this app is you can go inside one of your notes and search for specific words/topics that you may be struggling to learn. If a student needs to learn vocabulary words for a foreign language class, they can record themselves and listen to how they are saying it; and it will save your recordings.

  • Photomath

Photomath can be used as a good studying tool, but only if you take time to let it explain it to you. Most people just see the answer and move on, but that does not help you get better at math. This app is only useful if you look at how they solved the math equation step-by-step. If you allow it to teach you, it can show you different methods to solve equations and show you shortcuts, which students may understand better than what their teacher taught them.

  • iStudiez Pro Legendary Planner

This app tracks your grades and your GPA, which may sound weird but can be very helpful. This app takes those records and gives you tips on how to improve in a certain subject. It does have a one-time cost of $2.99 but allows you to stay organized and gives many reminders about when your assignments are due.


This app is available on the app store and google. can help you learn any subject on the go, with their short video lessons taught by expert teachers. You can download video lessons and watch them offline, which can be helpful when you don’t have internet access at home. The exceptional thing about this app is you can take practice quizzes for a certain subject and even take practice SAT and ACT exams.