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Six Ways To Stay Motivated and Organized This School Year

August 31, 2021

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Now that we’re all back together in school this year after all the chaos. You might have forgotten how to stay organized and motivated from previous years; here are some tips and tricks on staying organized and motivated.

  • Download Notion

Notion is a wonderful app that allows you to plan and organize your school year days ahead of time. With Notion, you can put the assignments you have into a checklist, and that way, you can see which assignments you haven’t done yet. Notion has many amazing parts to it that’ll help you stay organized in the long run. It’s also customizable, and you can put pictures in where you want!

  • Use Sticky Notes

Sticky notes might sound useless, but they come in handy for assignments to do that day. When you have homework in class, you can take out the sticky notes and make a checklist of all assignments to do that day. Eventually, you won’t get behind on work because you would have done everything you needed to do for that day instead of pushing it back.

  • Don’t Multitask

To stay organized, you can’t do everything at once. Yes, you might have tons of work that is due the next day but, you have to do one assignment at a time. Start by doing the time-consuming assignments and work your way down to the assignments with the least amount of work. You’ll be glad that you didn’t do everything at once and then ended up doing the assignment wrong.

  • Reward Yourself

Staying motivated for school can be so exhausting. Once you get home, you just want to crash and do nothing, but you have all of that homework to do. Instead of whining about it, give yourself a specific reward or after you completed all of your work. Whether that’ll be watching an episode of the show you’re watching, a dessert, or simply anything you want it to be. The motivation you’ll gain from setting that reward will push you enough to get all of your work done.

  • Keep That End Goal in Mind

Motivation can be tough to keep, and people struggle a lot with it. One thing to keep in your head is the goal at the end. That could be graduating, going to college, or simply going to the next grade. Always remember when you’re doing this and keep that end goal in mind at all times when you are losing motivation.

  • Take Advantage of Free Time

There has to be a time in school or at home when you’re literally doing nothing, not a single thing. That time could be spent working on work that you might have gotten behind you. Take advantage and learn how to motivate yourself. You have to push yourself if you want to get better.

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