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Will Movie Theaters Survive?

May 22, 2021

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Movie theaters have been trying to find a way to stay open while Covid took the world by storm. Since March 2020, all movie theaters have spent at least part of the time with their doors closed or operating on a very limited basis.

However, some theaters, such as Violet Crown and Regal Cinema, managed to stay open part of the time by allowing people to rent out their venues for a party or a family. Other theaters, like Alamo Drafthouse, have been open at least since last August, just making masks mandatory.

It has also been harder for theaters to get business because they have started to release new movies out on streaming services. There was always the business of people who didn’t have streaming services or those who didn’t want to pay for them.

Since Covid, Violet Crown has had new rules about how you can watch the movies in their locations. You are able to choose whatever movie you want from new releases, curated classics from their JukeBox Cinema, or you can bring your own blu-ray. You also are able to reserve a showtime in a private theater with just your group. Their professional handling of Covid has kept the business afloat. It will most likely survive after Covid since you are able to choose a movie from whatever and it is safe so if you wanted to get out of the house you could do that.

Regal Cinema struggled during quarantine; they had times where they would be open and then times when they were closed. Finally on May 14th, they reopened with some restrictions. Regal is allowing people into their theater but parties must be socially distanced from other parties to make sure they are staying safe. You must wear masks while watching the movies unless you are eating or drinking.

Alamo Drafthouse has found ways to stay open during this past year. They allow people to come in and still order food like normal with social distancing and masks required. Since there were not a lot of new movies coming out, they are also playing older movies that people might not have seen in a while or have not been able to find online. They will also play new movies that are being released. They have been able to handle everything pretty well during such challenging times.

Movie theaters will probably last since they have had to adjust since covid they have been able to figure out ways to keep their businesses going. It’s always best to support movie theaters if you are able to as it provides charm and a different experience that wouldn’t be the same if you just watched it at home.

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