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Harry Styles and Fashion Controversy

May 19, 2021

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Harry Styles has made some bold decisions with his clothing, some of which have caused an uproar from people. The most recent of these outrages was sparked when Styles wore a dress on the cover of Vogue.

Some people say it shouldn’t matter what he wears because it’s just clothing; clothing doesn’t have a gender. On the other hand, some didn’t like that he was wearing a dress on the cover of Vogue because it wasn’t “manly” enough.

“I’ll go in shops sometimes, and I just find myself looking at the women’s clothes thinking they’re amazing,” Styles has said. “It’s like anything — anytime you’re putting barriers up in your own life, you’re just limiting yourself. There’s so much joy to be had in playing with clothes.” Clothing has such a hard label when it comes to gender roles, despite being just fabric.

One person with a strong conflicting opinion was conservative influencer Candace Owens. Owens stated her opinion on Twitter, saying “There is no society that can survive without strong men. The east knows this. In the west, the steady feminization of our men at the same time that Marxism is being taught to our children is not a coincidence. It is an outright attack. Bring back manly men.”

While her followers agreed with her take, she mainly got negative responses from Harry Styles’ fans. Styles then went on to make an Instagram post and captioned it “Bring back manly men.” Most people put two and two together realizing that his post was most likely directed towards her.

But on the other hand, Styles got some great feedback from wearing the dress, even from the conservative commentator Ben Shapiro. “To not wear something because it’s females’ clothing, you shut out a whole world of great clothes. And I think what’s exciting about right now is you can wear what you like. It doesn’t have to be X or Y. Those lines are becoming more and more blurred.”

Many other people had the same response, but like everything in the world, people will have their different opinions. Someone shouldn’t get so much criticism for just wearing a dress, it shouldn’t matter to other people what someone else puts on their body.

Similar bold decisions Styles has made includes painting his nails, wearing other “feminine” articles of clothing, or using a handbag. Styles is known for boldness when it comes to clothing and expressing himself. He has worn some very famous feminine outfits, including his Met Gala outfit, which included a sheer blouse and high-waisted pants.

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